Sunday 31 January 2021


 Last day of January - let SKWAWKBOX do the talking. This says it all.

Starmer falls even further behind the man responsible for over 100,000 needless deaths


Lethality and dishonesty abound – yet Starmer’s failure to oppose is giving Johnson and the media an easy ride.

We will be much better off without them.

Boris Johnson has presided over the deaths of more than 100,000 UK citizens and counting – deaths that the example of New Zealand, with only 25 deaths in the whole pandemic and none since September, proves were entirely avoidable, especially in an island nation – and has combined that with the developed world’s worst economic collapse of the pandemic.

Over that he has ladled dishonesty, fake news and an array of excuses that would embarrass an addled schoolboy who hadn’t done his homework.

Yet Keir Starmer and the party under him have fallen further behind Johnson and the Tories in the public’s estimation – in spite of the friendly and even fawning assistance of much of

the so-called mainstream media.

Starmer’s ’empty suit’ persona and his failure to take Johnson’s murderous handling of the pandemic head-on have given Johnson an easy ride and have made the ‘msm’s job – of covering Johnson’s backside and passing on his propaganda as news – pathetically easy.

And his ‘try not to upset little England’ approach is failing dismally, according to the latest Opinium polling:

Starmer’s shocking inadequacy does far worse than shame a once-great party. When a government is murderous and the media are corrupt and all too eager to smooth its path, such silence and weakness adds to the horror of an already-appalling death toll.

Figures to lament - thanks to DM 

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