Tuesday 4 June 2019


Publication of my biography of Jago Stone (1928-88), the English artist whose works hang in scores of American homes thanks to the RAF Upper Heyford connection, is scheduled for October 1, this year. Here is an image of the front cover:

The front cover of Jago's autobiography (1975) is part of the front cover of his biography (2019)

This post is designed in part as pre-publicity for that publication in October - but it also provides an opportunity for American followers of the Jago Stone story to catch up on latest developments via the RAF Upper Heyford websites, in particular the discovery of Jago's 'Vines House' painting.  My apologies to those of you who have already read my account of the David Mitchell Jago story - but it does bear repeating. 

In the concluding part of this post, you can read the publisher's description of the book. But first, here reprinted is the post that I published on Saturday 11 May, last month, in which I relate the story told to me by David Mitchell of Jago's painting of Vines House, the 17th century home that David grew up in - and the newspaper cutting glued to the back of the canvas: 

"By now, those of you who are regular readers of my Jago Stone blog-posts - I've published 46 since January 2016 when my website and blogsphere were first developed by Steve McIntosh (press this link here for the full list) - will recognise the pattern. An email arrives in my inbox with a title that includes Jago Stone's name. I open it - and wonder upon wonder, the spirit of Jago now appears. I have a story and often an image, usually of a