Tuesday 31 March 2020


A couple or so years ago, I dimly remember hearing the news that Stephen Ward's conviction in 1963 would not be sent to the Court of Appeal for review. I thought little more about the matter. But now I care deeply. My eyes have been opened.


Before, I explain why all this still matters, here's the online account by Ruth Quinn, dated Saturday 9 September 2017, of the refusal not to allow an appeal for Stephen Ward's conviction.

'Case of Profumo affair's 'pimp' will not go to court of appeal

This article is more than 2 years old
Stephen Ward’s 1963 conviction will not be reviewed because original transcript of judge’s summing up cannot be found

June 1963 - Stephen Ward (third from left, still managing a smile) - leaving a hearing at Marylebone magistrates court bound for Brixton prison on remand.

Stephen Ward, the society fixer at the centre of the Profumo affair, will not have his conviction reviewed by the court of appeal.

The Criminal Case Review Commission (CCRC) told Ward’s family on Friday that it would not be sending the osteopath’s 1963 conviction for appeal as it could not find an original transcript of the judge’s summing up.
The CCRC said on Friday that its investigation found no evidence that

Monday 30 March 2020


An interesting question - how is the UK government doing in this fight against a deadly virus? If you have been following my blog-posts since the end of February, you will know where I stand on that question.

The opinion polls in many countries, including the UK and even more remarkably the USA, indicate that most people think their governments are doing a good job in dealing with this pandemic. I assume that's because people need to believe in their leaders in a crisis.

Today's Daily Telegraph front page under preparation - how soon before the Tory press start asking the question: 'Why did you not act sooner?' 

But today, a mainstream media (MSM) outlet - the Daily Mirror - does ask the question 'How much longer will it be before this UK government is held accountable for its inaction in the first weeks of this pandemic?':

'... it is also natural that in times of crisis voters tend to support the Government of the day if for no other reason than, unlike hamstrung opposition parties, they are

Saturday 28 March 2020


The Jago Stone Mailchimp newsletter was published a week ago and dispatched to my 68 subscribers - they get the benefit of reading the stories and seeing the images first. Anyone can sign up to be a subscriber for free - if you're interested here's the link:


Then, a week or so later, I recirculate the contents of the newsletter in a blogspot, adding updates as necessary. Here's this month's newletter:

 The world that we know is being turned upside-down by the Covid 19 pandemic - I hope my biography of the remarkable artist, Jago Stone, may bring meaning to any time wisely spent in self-isolation.

If you go to the Amazon website, you can read the first review - a 5 star review from Yvonne Jackson who is a resident of Hellidon and a lady I have never met, and another 5 star review from Peter Hendry who lives in St Ives.

One reader of the biography, Ingrid Helmer, has left a review on a Dutch website saying the book 'reads like a train' - I love that idiom from Holland!

Please, please - add your own reviews when you finish reading. This is hardly the best time to have a book published and sales will, to some extent,  depend on word-of-mouth recommendation. If you can help publicise the virtues of a cracking good read, Unicorn and I will be very grateful.  

Jago in the Notley Arms, Exmoor - 5 February 1969

Louise Campbell, the marketing director at Unicorn, has explained that they need to allow time to move the hard copies of the first print-run to book distributors and retailers. The American and Australian wholesalers and

Wednesday 25 March 2020


In this latest post, I provide more detail from Skwarkbox concerning the shortcomings in this government's response. We must expect more from those who have power in this country. Our life is in their hands. People have died on their watch - and many others will follow suit - because of their failure to act quickly and effectively.   

Johnson's dithering will have lethal effects

Boris Johnson announcing public gatherings banned - 11 days after dismissing their danger

Boris Johnson dithered for 11 days over the issue of mass gatherings.

On 12 March, he was still dismissing their effect on the spread of the coronavirus - and allowing sporting events to proceed as normal, including the arrival in Liverpool of thousands of football fans from Spanish virus hotspot Madrid.

On 15 March, he was still insisting such gatherings were of little relevance - and only saying that the government would 'no longer be supporting' large events that needed emergency services in attendance.

But on Monday night, his 'scientific' approach had now changed and all public gatherings of anything more than two people are now recognised as highly dangerous - and must be banned, even dispersed, to slow down the spread of the deadly virus:

Eleven days ignoring a means of spreading a virus that took only four days to spread to its third hundred thousand people globally - compared to 67 days for its first hundred thousand.

Eleven days ignoring large gatherings when even small open-air gatherings are so dangerous that they have had to be banned.

How many thousands of lives will Johnson's dithering ultimately be shown to have cost?

24 hours after 'lock-down', Heathrow has no measures in

Tuesday 24 March 2020


I want to share information and views from four more Skwarkbox posts that have been published in the last 24 hours:

 Hancock and co point finger at public for going out when they say outdoors is healthier - and for packing trains their cuts have forced people onto

Confusion and blame - Tory trademarks?

True to form, the Tory government has been blaming the public for going out to parks and for crowding public transport.

But the public has stayed off public transport - London tube numbers are down by 81% - but the Tories have slashed train numbers and closed 40 tube stations, so the remaining people, many of whom probably have to

Monday 23 March 2020


Online, I read in some Facebook posts support for all that the government is doing - and criticism of those who would 'play politics' and attack our leaders. Please, please, please - if you think like that; if you think that this is a time we should all come together and our predicament takes us to a place beyond politics - read all my blogposts over the last few weeks, not least the one below.

These are deeply political matters. Yes, we all need to come together but let's do so with political understanding.

With acknowledgements to the Dorset Eye who published this material yesterday:

The Sunday Times outs the sociopath Dominic Cummings

From his own mouth this sociopath has to go. He is more representative of the callous right wing government than most of its supporters and unaccountable to the public.

‘Get rid now. To those of you who believe in this government, read this. This is why they left the schools open, this is why pubs & restaurants only closed yesterday. You & your family are the cattle in the herd.’
A  reminder of the front-line in a war whose severity is directly linked to government inaction

What is the legal case for charges of manslaughter against Cummings and Johnson?

Tim Shipman, Political Editor of the Murdoch-owned Tory-supporting Times – and someone with top Downing St access and information posted the above in today’s Sunday Times!

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Cummings had hired the crazed, racist eugenics-advocate Sabisky as a government adviser! Those aware of Cummings’ blogs know he’s

Sunday 22 March 2020


This blogpost will be a medley. First, more insights from Skwarkbox:

'Suppress and release' plan still means letting virus spread, with huge loss of life - just in a series of peaks instead of one

Louise and I watched this BBC news item broadcast live - I remember crying out from the sofa, 'This is nonsense - it doesn't add up - the BBC is in collusion with the Government!' I wasn't wrong.

'Earlier this week, spooked by public outcry and a university report telling them that their plan would kill hundreds of thousands of people - something the SKWAWKBOX warned weeks ago - the Tories claimed that achieving 'herd immunity' was not their policy.

Herd immunity would mean simply managing the spread of the virus but allowing it to continue until almost everyone has been infected and those who recover have antibodies against the virus. At current mortality rates, vast numbers of people in this country would die.

But the Tories and their advisers have not abandoned their plan. As a BBC presentation of the government's strategy made absolutely clear last night, all that has changed is the chart and language they are using to describe it:

Even the new language used still makes clear that the plan is to allow the virus to infect people - to "suppress and

Friday 20 March 2020


More digests from Skwarkbox - bringing you truth and an understanding of what's going on. Much as we might wish this was not so, these are deeply political times:

Mortality level rises as broadcaster underestimates the figure of those needing to go into hospital

The BBC is not an independent source of news

This evening, as the seconds ticked down to the BBC's flagship 6pm news bulletin, the Corporation broadcast grossly false information to the public about the proportion of coronavirus sufferers who need to go into hospital.

The evidence says that 19% of those infected require hospitalisation, with 5% requiring intensive care - with around

Thursday 19 March 2020


Skwarkbox revelations continue. Here are the latest two today:

Since Friday, Department of Health unable or unwilling to say whether it was using Interferon Alfa-2b or had taken any steps to procure it. Now Raab says he has been talking to Cuba only 'in recent days'

As reported on Tuesday, the SKWAWKBOX had sent repeated enquiries to the Department of Health over a period of days, asking whether a Cuban drug used by China in its dramatic reduction of the death rate of the COVID-19 coronavirus was being used to treat patients in the UK - and if not, what steps the government was taking to obtain it.

Interferon Alfa-2b is part of a treatment regime that has seen China reduce coronavirus mortality to just 0.4%. It works by disrupting a virus's replication inside cells, preventing the complications that can kill sufferers and reducing the need for intensive care unit treatment - and the drug is already licensed for use in the UK.

This seems to have a proven record of reducing Covid 19 death-rates

The Department of Health spokespeople the SKWAWKBOX talked to had not heard of the drug - and days later, there had still been no response.

But yesterday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told MPs that the government was now 'intensively' collaborating with the Cuban government - but only 'in recent days':

The Tories have known for weeks that the virus was going to hit the UK - and its virulent spread and deadly effects have been well-known for even longer.

So why have they only started talking to the Cuban government 'in recent days' - and why did the Department of Health appear to be unaware of a key part of China's successful treatment regime?

Tories make announcement and call on schools to prepare - then provide no information

Last night, Boris Johnson announced that schools in England will be closing from tomorrow afternoon as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - but only partly.
Johnson said that the government is requiring schools to make arrangements to continue classes for the children of 'essential workers', to ensure that those in vital jobs are not kept away from work by the need to care for children no longer going to school.
But more than twenty-four hours later - and less than twenty-four hours from the start of the closure - teachers and sources in the National Education Union have told the SKWAWKBOX that they still do not have the list of which jobs are 'essential' that they need in order to begin identifying the children they need to accommodate.

'Schools are not the only places where children learn.' Discuss.

One teacher said:
Schools are in turmoil. No one knows what's happening and all our staff have been asked to report for duty Monday as normal! What's the point of the 'closure'?
There isn't even a list of relevant job types yet - or if there is, nobody seems to have received it.
The government has been utterly useless. Other countries have already closed their schools so there is already a model.
Our government seems in disarray. It's like Boris Johnson is being deliberately vague again, just like he was about pubs and restaurants.
Yet again Johnson and his sidekicks have made announcements without preparing for them or even being able to explain how they're supposed to work.
He and his party are a mile out of their depth and utterly unfit to provide the leadership the country needs in this huge crisis.


Wednesday 18 March 2020


I have been arguing online the case that we are being misgoverned by moronic buffoons who have been following a malignant agenda.

Here are three Skwarkbox stories that appeared on my screen this afternoon - Wednesday 18 March 2020:


Testing for Covid 19 - the World Health Organisation says this is vital; our government is failing us. 

The UK has seen confirmed coronavirus cases surge by 676 in the last 24 hours. Given the government's continued failure to test suspected cases that are not admitted to hospital, the real number of new cases will be many times

Friday 13 March 2020


I am sharing a Skwarkbox post that arrived today - Friday 13 March. The detail it contains about the pandemic we are facing is invaluable - everyone should have this information. Please do share this blogpost.

The failure of this Tory government either to give full information and advice about the aerial nature of the transmission of this virus or ban public gatherings seems to me criminal. Why would they be so irresponsible? It is difficult to resist the conclusion that Johnson and Cummings and their lackeys are minded to put the power of the purse and profits before the people. Hey! So what if some percentage of some millions perish between now and June - we are building up 'herd immunity' against the virus. I can hardly believe I am presenting this as an explanation of what is happening but check out my earlier blogpost this week by pressing here - and sign up to Skwarkbox. Listen to what the man says - this PM of GB. You may find it difficult to resist coming to a similar conclusion.

These moronic leaders have key figures in the scientific and medical establishment in their pocket - but thank goodness, not all. One of the good guys - a respected medical expert - tore into Johnson and his lackeys on Channel 4 News on Saturday night (14.03.2020). Not a word about that on the MSM - mainstream media - but such eruptions of truth will continue. 

BMA honorary vice-president Kailash Chand OBE lists what is known so far about the coronavirus pandemic and provides advice on how to protect against transmission

Dr Kailash Chand OBE interviewed on ITV News last night
This article was originally published on the Tameside Radio website. It is reproduced with the permission of the author
Former Ashton GP, chair of Tameside and Glossop Healthwatch and Honorary Vice President of BMA, Dr Kailash Chand OBE offers advice and guidance following the coronavirus outbreak.
The global coronavirus outbreak has now reached pandemic proportions.
The worst countries affected to date remain China - where it began - Italy, South Korea and Iran – but now more than 120 countries across the world are dealing with the infection – including the UK.
Statistics show that coronavirus causes mild illness in 82 per cent of those with the virus, severe illness in 15 per cent, critical illness in three per cent and death in 2.3 per cent of cases.
It affects all ages, but predominately males (56 per cent, and 87 per cent in the 30-79 age bracket).
Incubation is variable, but the mean time to symptoms is five days, the mean time to pneumonia is nine days and mean time to death 14 days.
Clinically, all patients suffer a fever, 75 per cent have a cough; 50 per cent weakness and 50 per cent breathlessness.
The elderly and the sick are particularly at risk because they may have an immune response that is dangerous. It's