Monday 23 March 2020


Online, I read in some Facebook posts support for all that the government is doing - and criticism of those who would 'play politics' and attack our leaders. Please, please, please - if you think like that; if you think that this is a time we should all come together and our predicament takes us to a place beyond politics - read all my blogposts over the last few weeks, not least the one below.

These are deeply political matters. Yes, we all need to come together but let's do so with political understanding.

With acknowledgements to the Dorset Eye who published this material yesterday:

The Sunday Times outs the sociopath Dominic Cummings

From his own mouth this sociopath has to go. He is more representative of the callous right wing government than most of its supporters and unaccountable to the public.

‘Get rid now. To those of you who believe in this government, read this. This is why they left the schools open, this is why pubs & restaurants only closed yesterday. You & your family are the cattle in the herd.’
A  reminder of the front-line in a war whose severity is directly linked to government inaction

What is the legal case for charges of manslaughter against Cummings and Johnson?

Tim Shipman, Political Editor of the Murdoch-owned Tory-supporting Times – and someone with top Downing St access and information posted the above in today’s Sunday Times!

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Cummings had hired the crazed, racist eugenics-advocate Sabisky as a government adviser! Those aware of Cummings’ blogs know he’s
not averse to a bit of eugenics too! 
But this! This explains the government’s horrific, globally criticised and now utterly discredited approach (until they had to change it a week ago!)
And today’s Tory-supporting Telegraph reports on London NHS nurses having to wear BIN BAGS due to the lack of Personal; Protective Equipment! What an absolute disgrace for our frontline NHS workers not to be protected by our government!
When even The Times and The Telegraph are reporting these utter failings, when even their editors have grave concerns about the government’s actions (finally, along with the WHO, UK and global scientists and other world leaders) people should take this very, very seriously! 
Tom Lane'

Here's another contemporary Skwarkbox news story:
Italian town's programme (the town is Vo, near Venice) drove new cases down to zero - but also revealed worrying information about how virus is spread that UK medics say mean that the government is putting them at risk and forcing them to transmit infection to patients

A nurse wearing a facemask that the WHO say is ineffective

Medics speaking on condition of anonymity have told the SKWAWKBOX that a study of the epicentre of the Italian coronavirus outbreak shows that Boris Johnson's failures are forcing them to pass on the disease to NHS patients whose existing illnesses make them more likely to suffer lethal complications - and to fuel the spread of the virus among the UK population.
Johnson's government is still ignoring World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance to 'test, test, test' all citizens for the virus - and health specialists believe that this, combined with the ongoing lack of suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS staff is forcing doctors, nurses and other NHS staff to infect patients as they care for them.
The evidence from VĂ² and the gross negligence of the Johnson government to prepare for the pandemic mean that the doctors, nurses, paramedics, care workers and others looking after the sick, disabled elderly, will be spreading the disease to those they are caring for.
Johnson's complacency and incompetence mean that the people caring for those most at risk of serious pneumonia and death are at some point likely to be infecting them.
Regular testing of all such workers is the only way to protect patients and staff - so why are Johnson and Hancock continuing to ignore the evidence?
Why were they unprepared - and why are they still not taking steps to put it right?'

And yet one more:

The front-line staff of our NHS have been publicly begging the government to give them adequate PPE - personal protective equipment - and regular testing, to ensure that doctors, nurses and other health workers are protected and that they do not pass on the coronavirus to those they are treating.
Last week, Boris Johnson and his team claimed the PPE situation was 'fully resolved'. It was a sick joke - desperate staff have even been adapting bin bags to get some kind of protective barrier and much of what has been delivered to hospitals does not have the level of protection recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Nor has the government implemented the kind of 'test and trace' programme the WHO is calling for.
The NHS staff's pleas were all over social media all weekend - but at last night's official government press conference not one journalist challenged Johnson or his advisers about it:
Instead, a series of questions Johnson could waffle through were asked, mostly about issues that have been discussed many times before.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said supplies are being delivered this morning to hospitals - but not enough for every front-line staff member - and he still has no plan for regular testing of NHS staff.
But don't expect anyone to challenge Johnson about his arrogance and incompetence toward our NHS heroes at the official daily 'presser'.'



  1. If all that was happening was a film then at the end we would say - a great horror story but it would not happen.. and yet we are living through a Cummings Johnson ...