Thursday 19 March 2020


Skwarkbox revelations continue. Here are the latest two today:

Since Friday, Department of Health unable or unwilling to say whether it was using Interferon Alfa-2b or had taken any steps to procure it. Now Raab says he has been talking to Cuba only 'in recent days'

As reported on Tuesday, the SKWAWKBOX had sent repeated enquiries to the Department of Health over a period of days, asking whether a Cuban drug used by China in its dramatic reduction of the death rate of the COVID-19 coronavirus was being used to treat patients in the UK - and if not, what steps the government was taking to obtain it.

Interferon Alfa-2b is part of a treatment regime that has seen China reduce coronavirus mortality to just 0.4%. It works by disrupting a virus's replication inside cells, preventing the complications that can kill sufferers and reducing the need for intensive care unit treatment - and the drug is already licensed for use in the UK.

This seems to have a proven record of reducing Covid 19 death-rates

The Department of Health spokespeople the SKWAWKBOX talked to had not heard of the drug - and days later, there had still been no response.

But yesterday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told MPs that the government was now 'intensively' collaborating with the Cuban government - but only 'in recent days':

The Tories have known for weeks that the virus was going to hit the UK - and its virulent spread and deadly effects have been well-known for even longer.

So why have they only started talking to the Cuban government 'in recent days' - and why did the Department of Health appear to be unaware of a key part of China's successful treatment regime?

Tories make announcement and call on schools to prepare - then provide no information

Last night, Boris Johnson announced that schools in England will be closing from tomorrow afternoon as a result of the coronavirus pandemic - but only partly.
Johnson said that the government is requiring schools to make arrangements to continue classes for the children of 'essential workers', to ensure that those in vital jobs are not kept away from work by the need to care for children no longer going to school.
But more than twenty-four hours later - and less than twenty-four hours from the start of the closure - teachers and sources in the National Education Union have told the SKWAWKBOX that they still do not have the list of which jobs are 'essential' that they need in order to begin identifying the children they need to accommodate.

'Schools are not the only places where children learn.' Discuss.

One teacher said:
Schools are in turmoil. No one knows what's happening and all our staff have been asked to report for duty Monday as normal! What's the point of the 'closure'?
There isn't even a list of relevant job types yet - or if there is, nobody seems to have received it.
The government has been utterly useless. Other countries have already closed their schools so there is already a model.
Our government seems in disarray. It's like Boris Johnson is being deliberately vague again, just like he was about pubs and restaurants.
Yet again Johnson and his sidekicks have made announcements without preparing for them or even being able to explain how they're supposed to work.
He and his party are a mile out of their depth and utterly unfit to provide the leadership the country needs in this huge crisis.


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