Tuesday 19 May 2020


When the going gets tough, knives are sharpened in Tory ranks - and their leaders will need to look to their fig-leaves. Today, the 'i' newspaper carried a short article - under the title: 'Reckoning is coming for Johnson' from an associate editor, Sean O'Grady, which would have been unthinkable for them to publish even a fortnight ago. Here's a taste:

"Every bumbling performance at Prime Minister's Questions. each stumbling appearance at a coronavirus media conference, all the 'ramped up' insincere promises only serve to build up the evidence that we have placed a clown in charge of dealing with the worst pandemic in 100 years.
When will the madness end? i think by Christmas.  .... In due course, Johnson will become an insupportable political burden for his party. .... More than anything, the people are beginning to comprehend the human cost of Johnson's failures. He has let us down. That is the unforgiveable bit. .... There will be a reckoning.'

I had the clown nailed back in 2019. So did all the other socialists in the Labour Party. My resistance started a couple of days after our election defeat in December. See my blog-posts, all safely stored within my website. Then came Covid-19 and the clown turned murderous. See my blog-posts published this year that have brought you, my readers, the latest real news from Skwawkbox which otherwise is ignored or airbrushed by the mainstream media. Until now. We are seeing, I hope, the beginning of the end.

Johnson behind bars

Here's the latest from Skwawkbox:

 Government's scientific advisers - and other scientific groups - recognise return to school likely to fuel second and potentially larger 'spike'

The government's measures for 'COVID-secure' work and school places are a joke. The Tories know that putting children back into schools spreads the virus but have taken no significant steps to limit that spread. There has been no
provision for serious preventative measures - not even a hint of the kind of protections put in place by countries such as China, which include disinfection for children on the way into and out of school as well as perspex shields and free masks for all children and teachers.

Boris Johnson was not merely slow to close schools in the first place, but even took steps to force them to stay open. Now, knowing that to do so will open the floodgates to another disastrous peak of infections and deaths, he is rushing to reopen them.
He is doing this in spite of a complete absence of meaningful preparations to protect children - and he is not just doing so against the advice of unions and medical professionals, but orchestrating attacks on them for not bowing to his wishes. Ignorance would be no excuse - but he cannot claim it anyway.

Skwawkbox image - today, Tuesday 19 May 2020

Yesterday, the SKWAWKBOX reported the re-closure of seven schools in northern France after more than seventy new coronavirus cases were confirmed linked to them, just a week after the French government sent around a third of the country's school-age children back to school.
The situation is developing rapidly - and now more than fifty schools have been closed across France after new confirmed or likely cases of the virus were identified.
Yet the UK media again seems to be stubbornly ignoring the French situation, while continuing to push a line that re-opening schools in England is low-risk - and even attacking teachers, unions, doctors and others who have expressed concerns or challenged the government to show the data on which it is basing its claim that children can safely return to the classroom.
The French media have reported in full on the changed situation, but once again the UK media are failing to challenge the government and instead are in many cases actively colluding in a propaganda push to send our children into the front line of the virus threat.
The perception of much of the rest of the world is that this country is a coronavirus disaster zone blighted by a dishonest and incompetent government. But then, those country's are not taking their 'news' from the UK's supposedly 'mainstream' press and broadcasters.'

Do not put your trust in politicians who shamelessly have used the scientific community to prop up their own neoliberal agenda which shows neither humanity nor reason. I think this professor knows what he's got himself mixed up in - and caught in the headlights, brain-freezes. Most of us have been there. This is so revealing - do watch the video.  

'Car crash' as SAGE professor struggles to give a coherent answer, let alone a meaningful one, to questions about coronavirus strategy

Professor John Edmunds

'Herd immunity' is the government's plan to allow the coronavirus to spread through the population until, in theory, it can't spread any longer because too many people are immune. It was superficially abandoned after the government was told it would cost hundreds of thousands of UK lives - but in reality it was simply 'rebranded'.
Here Professor John Edmunds, one of the government's key experts on its 'SAGE' committee, responds to - as opposed to 'answers' - Cathy Newman's question about the strategy on Channel 4 News:

                                                            BE AFRAID - BE ALERT

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