Wednesday 6 May 2020


I've copied the text below from the Mirror Politics Online yesterday - Tuesday 5 May 2020. I fear the opinion poll is probably pretty accurate; it hurts to say so. How can 61% of my fellow citizens think the Government is handling this existential crisis well? And still almost a half of those surveyed trust Johnson to lead the country through this outbreak. This so recently elected PM of the UK is a bad and sad scalliwag, not as mad as Trump but more cunning. He is the epitome of deception. See my previous blogposts since December - and before - and my series for May awaiting publication.  

Would you give this man control over your life? 


Mirror Politics Online - 05/05/2020

"An opinion poll at the weekend showed the public is as capable as politicians at sending out contradictory messages.

A clear majority (67%) thought the Government had been badly prepared for the coronavirus and had been too slow to implement the lockdown (62%).

But an equally clear majority (61%) thought the Government was handling the crisis well and had more trust in Boris Johnson (48%) than Keir Starmer (19%) to
lead the country through the outbreak.

There will be all sorts of reasons for why the Conservatives are riding high in the polls including the personal sympathy for Johnson, the hangover of the Corbyn years and the tendency for voters to rally round the flag at times of crisis and support the government of the day regardless of its political colours."

And so to today - what next from 'our trusted leader'?

Johnson boasted of being ready to keep UK open for business - and his slowness to lock-down is expected to cost 60,000 needless deaths in the pandemic. UK's real death toll is already over 60,000

(Skwawkbox: 6 May 2020)

Don't panic, the man said, three months ago

Three months ago, in early February, Boris Johnson made a speech in which he derided public 'panic' over the coronavirus pandemic and pledged to keep the UK open for business, boasting that the UK government would lead the world in making 'the case for freedom of exchange'.
He delayed almost two more months before finally announcing a lock-down:
Experts estimate - cautiously - that Johnson's slowness to act will add another 60,000 needless deaths to the UK's toll across the duration of the pandemic.
And today, the UK has the second-worst total in the world of lives lost to COVID-19, even on the government's unforgivably understated official figures. The real death toll is believed to be more than double the official 'in-hospital' figure and has probably now exceeded 60,000, barely behind the Trump-blighted USA and representing a far higher proportion of the population:

Check out an earlier post of mine for the full figures.

This appalling reality puts the UK on double the number of deaths of places like Italy and Spain - even more inexcusable when our government had weeks longer to prepare and chose not to, choosing instead to ignore the World Health Organisation's advice to test, trace and isolate from the very beginning.
Boris Johnson's decisions have been not merely bad, nor incompetent. They are criminal.
When will the media - or even the official Opposition - begin to describe his behaviour as what it is?

And this came out, today:

"Boris Johnson sets surprise new coronavirus testing target of 200,000 a day

The Prime Minister revealed his 'ambition' is to double the number of tests in the next 25 days - but No10 later admitted it was for capacity, not the number of tests actually carried out."
                 The devil is in the small-print. 


Some matters have to be beyond the reach of deception - do you remember what he said outside No.10 a few days ago?  - see an earlier blogpost.  


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