Thursday 16 April 2020


Here are extracts from pages 139 and 142 of my biography of Jago Stone:

'January 2017 was an especially rich period for the online detective agency. Alastair Mould sent me this email .... that added significantly to my understanding of the shape of Jago's circuit as the itinerant, gypsy artist. 

I thought I would drop you a line after reading Louise Donovan's experience of Jago wandering up the driveway and painting her parents' house. The same thing happened to me in 1973 at Park House, Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire when I was about 9 years old ....

Ashton Keynes  is a village in north Wiltshire …. and within the Cotswold Water Park ….

Alastair wrote that he had spoken to a friend of his, Dave, who had been living at another dwelling,  Cove House, in Ashton Keynes in 1973. Jago had painted that house too …. Jago and young Dave had talked together and, Alastair continued, 'Jago must have made an impression as Dave named one of his sons Jago, "after Jago Stone". How charismatic is that?!'

As last month drew to a close, that son of Dave named Jago made Facebook contact with me. That's Jago above. Here's Jago Hartland's email to me a day or so later, dated 1st April, 2020:  

  Hi Rob, 

   Thank you for your fast reply on Facebook. I was quite fascinated to discover your book about Jago Stone and the small mention in regards to my father and myself. Jago Stone had a large impression on my father which of course led him to name me after him - I was glad to discover the wonderful thought behind my name as I grew older! 

   I own a copy of 'The Burglar's Bedside Companion' and Jago and myself seemed to have a similar sense of humour. We also share a fondness for writing and art! I studied A Level Art and my father is an artist weirdly enough. I also published my first children's book in May of 2019 which has had a very good response also. 

   I plan to purchase your book soon and look forward to giving it a read. If you would ever like to have a chat about a possible feature or discussion about Jago then please do get in touch as I find this quite an interesting networking opportunity! 

Kindest regards,

Jago Hartland  

We're on the same wavelength, Jago! I bought Jago Hartland's book on Amazon and read it last
weekend. Here's my Amazon review of this wonderful children's illustrated tale:

Jago Hartland has created a life-affirming, wonderful story in which he seeks to repay his debt to the nearly thirty dogs in twenty homes that have watched and supported him during the years he worked as a dog-sitter whilst looking after his cystic fibrosis condition. Jago's aim is to help younger people cope with their cystic fibrosis condition - and his work meets the target beautifully. It is a work brimming with love and humanity and an appreciation of all things canine. A joy to read! Well-crafted text and delightfully illustrated.

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