Saturday 25 January 2020


As soon as I got wind of the news that Jago's biography was waiting to be distributed through the University of Chicago Press in the United States of America, I published a Mailchimp Newsletter a week or so ago to my 66 subscribers so they would be first to know. So far 38 have opened and read the good news. Apologies to them for the repetition in this blogpost - but I have added some fresh material to make the reading through worthwhile for everyone. Within three months, these Jago blogposts typically have a viewing figure of around 120. My very first Jago American Connection posting on 12 December, 2016 now has 2444 recorded views. Forgive the geeky attraction to stats - it's difficult to resist this online vice.

Here's the latest update:


Another couple of months have passed since I created a Mailchimp newsletter; the last one in November had news of final edits but no firm publication date. We still have no firm publication date on this side of the Pond - but the University of Chicago Press website does say very clearly:

Will Publish February 2020.

Jago in 1983 - location unknown - a still from a Harlech TV interview

I think it is highly likely that publication will happen here in February too. (In fact, I've just seen a date on the Unicorn Press website: 15 February 2020! - see the link below.) 

Jago would, I think, be tickled pink that he is now waiting in the portals of the University of Chicago in the United States of America for his life story to be

A couple of weeks ago, I was completing yet another final proof read and making four very necessary amendments to mishaps in the text. Fingers crossed I've created a clean copy. 

You can of course still pre-order a copy, both here in the UK and the United States. Below, there are links to Waterstones and Amazon and the publisher's, Unicorn:

 In case any of my subscribers missed this story on Facebook, here is the text of a FB message I received on December 23, last month:

I emailed you in the beginning of October a picture of the Scottish holiday at Inverness that Jago painted for my family at our house when my dad was stationed at Upper Heyford Air Force Base, England. I discovered this morning that I have another Jago painting. I forgot that my mom also gave me this painting that Jago did of a sunset over the English Channel. I believe it is from a picture that my mom took. It's quite different from his other paintings.
Happy holidays!
Beth Lundry
St Louis, Missouri
December 23, 2019'

How wonderful! Beth had gifted me a splendid Christmas present. Here is the painting:

Sunset over the English Channel - Jago Stone (1976)

And here is the painting that Beth had gifted me in early October:   

Inverness, Scotland - Jago Stone (1975)

The Jago Stone discovery trail is still very much an active endeavour - may it continue to thrive.

I thought you might like - as loyal subscribers - to see a couple more images of Jago that I have in my collection. One at least appears in the biography - Jago in 1984; a still from a Harlech TV interview, specific location unknown - see the main picture above:

 And this one from 1969 - Jago in the bar of the Notley Arms, Exmoor. 

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I promised some fresh material for the 38 subscribers who have already opened the Mailchimp newsletter - here it is:

Jago Stone - ATV interview - The Butcher's Arms, Priors Hardwick - 1972

There are more glimpses of Jago in the biography - and much else. It is a remarkable story about an artist who lived a creative and extraordinary life.



  1. Little did I know that after walking my parents 2 Westies on a glorious summer's day, sitting on the front doorstep while they played - Jago appeared suggesting that one of them should be black - as in the Whiskey advert - that many years later The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone would be about to arrive in bookshops here and in the USA..

  2. Such is the stuff of dreams ….