Tuesday, 9 June 2020


Boris Johnson is expertly nailed by SKWAWKBOX again today, Tuesday 9 June:
'[The PM] has issued a video telling black people and other 'Black Lives Matter' protesters that the UK is less racist than it was and they should be less angry because the UK is a happier place.
Johnson being Johnson, he combined it with a threat and a smear - and ignored his own towering hypocrisy. A PM who has called black people the disgusting term 'piccaninnies' with 'water-melon smiles' and was complicit in the Windrush scandal - and only last year was seen skipping shaking hands with black well-wishers - is not someone in a position to tell victims of racism to suck it up and look on the bright side.

Johnson also found a moment to blame protesters for the surge in coronavirus infections his government has been actively creating and planning for months before the protests began. 
Singer Jamelia was unimpressed - along with
millions of others who actually think black lives matter '

Here's some of the evidence for the case that Johnson was exploring the idea of achieving herd immunity as soon as the threat of Covid-19 was becoming manifest. Watch this video and listen as he cheerfully explains a policy that for some weeks until 23 March, 2020 he was actually fully following.

And then watch and listen to the prime-minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, explaining how she and her government set about defeating the threat of Covid-19 without ever considering for one moment the policy of herd immunity. To do so would have been unthinkable. 

 There are times when Louise and I mind not having emigrated to New Zealand when we were younger. But we didn't - and the struggle against these moronic and murderous buffoons in power is here and now. Our fight is in and for the UK.  


  1. So can we conclude that our incompetent PM is a morally bankrupt racist .. what else can we add to the list of his faults/ misdemeanours / criminal acts?
    And if I could turn the clock back we would have emigrated to New Zealand... with the expectation that under no circumstances would Boris or Cummings - what I now describe as the 2 for 1 offer - be allowed in!!!