Sunday 14 June 2020


I am sharing today's SKWAWKBOX as soon as I can. No further words are needed from me, other than those in my title:

Tory manipulation of reporting has hidden true scale of Boris Johnson's catastrophic response to pandemic crisis

The funeral of 13-year old Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab who died - separated from his family - a victim of Covid-19 and our present government's actions and inactions

 The SKWAWKBOX has long argued that the Tories were using their control of how and when death figures were released to manage public perception of the scale of the catastrophe their slow and often non-response to the coronavirus pandemic caused.

Now that argument has been proven by figures calculated from official records - which show that for twenty-two
consecutive days the UK lost a thousand or more of its people to the virus and to Boris Johnson's reckless arrogance.
A chart compiled by the Press Association from official sources and commented on by a senior union official makes the disaster bleakly clear:

Almost too awful to believe - and certainly too awful for the government to acknowedge

But there has not been a single day on which the government's daily press briefing or any government statement has acknowledged that. Instead, Johnson, Hancock and co have repeatedly said how 'proud' they are of their 'achievements' - and Johnson has repeatedly refused even to express regret at the death toll.

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  1. Does Boris have any respect for the voting public? They may be able to work out the whoppers he tells.Does he realise that the high death toll is not just amongst Labour voters? Hubris has to be ..
    And now we have the relaxing of lock down and the summer holiday season... no wonder the European countries do not want visitors from the UK!
    I refuse to leave social isolation until I feel it is safe to do so ...
    This will pass - Boris and this government can not last forever ..