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In Part One, a few days ago, I promised readers hi-res images from American sources. Those images and their stories are below - but first a reminder for any new readers of the background to this post.

The biography of Jago Stone will be published as 'The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone' by Rob Donovan on October 1 this year. Unicorn PLG are my publishers. Their design team and I are working together to ensure that the book looks as good as it reads - and to this end I contacted recently all those who had sent me images of their Jago Stone paintings and which I then referenced and included as images within the text. Unicorn and I hoped that these contributors would respond and send me hi-res images of their Jago Stone art work which I could then add to the Dropbox to send to Unicorn. The higher the resolution, the finer the picture.

The response has been impressive. So many higher-resolution images have already arrived through cyber space; others have been promised. In this post, I focus on two of those who have gifted me hi-res images that will appear in the book - both American - and give you - the reader - the opportunity to see those paintings. Another taster for the book itself.

The Pue family home in Bicester, Oxfordshire - Jago Stone (1984)

In the order the American hi-res images came, first the story behind those from Jessica Raber, nee Pue. Jessica is an artist in Bloomington, Indiana - press here for a link She was five years old when Jago painted a watercolour of her parent's home in Bicester, Oxfordshire in 1984 during the time they were on tour, stationed

at RAF Upper Heyford. These are her words:

'I was rather young at the time so my memories of Jago are rather hazy … but one firm memory … is    watching him at his easel. He playfully sketched me looking out from one of the windows, so I am proud to say that I am featured in a Jago Stone work.'

Untitled - Jessica Raber (2017)

Featured above, is a Jessica Raber work from 2017. Jessica and her husband Doug are our friends now and their insights and thoughts on Jago have been very useful to me as Jago's biographer. In the biography, you will find hi-res images of the two watercolours owned by Jessica's parents, Dianna and Howard Pue, and the two miniatures that Jessica has in her home.   Here is the hi-res image of one of Jessica's Jago miniatures:

Untitled miniature - Jago Stone (1986)

Finally,  I feature one of the hi-res images from Bob Pahl, resident in Holly Springs, Georgia. Bob had whetted my appetite back in November 2017 with this email message:

'I still have a host of his paintings and have some great stories ...'

More on those in the biography. Bob Pahl's service history in the United States Air Force is extraordinary with four tours in the UK between 1968 and 1990 that included seventeen years flying F111s. Here is the hi-res image of the courtyard at Poyle Court, a 450 year-old manor house in Hampton Poole, Oxfordshire where Bob and his family lived during their tour from 1974 to 1976:

Bob Pahl's English family home during his tour - Poyle Court, depicted in this Jago Stone watercolour, dated 1976   

The American government knew how to look after their elite flying crew. Nothing but the best for the best. Jago relished the knowledge that his art was loved by Americans and taken back across the Pond to hang in their homes. He had become an international artist.  

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