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As many readers - but not all - will know, the biography of Jago Stone will be published as 'The Remarkable Life of Jago Stone' by Rob Donovan on October 1 this year. Unicorn PLG are my publishers. Their design team and I are working together to ensure that the book looks as good as it reads - and to this end I contacted recently all those who had sent me images of their Jago Stone paintings and which I then referenced and included as images within the text. Unicorn and I hoped that these contributors would respond and send me hi-res images of their Jago Stone art work which I could then add to the Dropbox to send to Unicorn. The higher the resolution, the finer the picture.

The response has been impressive. So many higher-resolution images have already arrived through cyber space; others have been promised. In this post, I focus on two of those who have gifted me hi-res images that will appear in the book - one English; one American - and give you - the reader - the opportunity to see those paintings. A taster for the book itself.

St Ives - Jago Stone (1982)

For the purposes of this post, I'll start with Phil Webb. On the morning of 27 August, last year in 2018 - just before we left for our Greek vacation - I received this email with two images attached:

'Hi Rob,

 Thought you might be interested in seeing these two painting. As I
 understand it Jago was going door to door in 1982 in Bradford On Avon,
 Wiltshire and my Mum bought the first painting that was painted in
 situ sitting in our garden. She then gave him a photograph I had taken

 of our holiday cottage in St. Ives and he produced the second. They
 were on the walls in my family home ever since. Unfortunately both my
 parents have now passed away and I made sure to rescue these two for
 my wall.


I replied the same day:

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, Phil -
You have helped make my day! Thank you very much for these two images
that I hope - with their story - will appear in the biography when it is
published. I don't know whether you have explored my website enough to
know where we live. In January 2013, we moved to St Ives in Cornwall!
I've added a link here to sign up for my free Mailchimp monthly
newsletter about 'Jago' matters, if you wanted to keep up-to-date. In
any event, I'll let you know by email when the book is published. It
looks as though 2020 will be the year.

My regards,

As you can see from the hi-res image above, Phil has been one of the first to respond to my request. I am so grateful. So too are Unicorn. To give you an idea of the improvement in quality, here is Phil's original attachment:

St Ives - Jago Stone (1982)

And here is the hi-res image of Phil's parents' family home in Bradford On Avon, as painted by Jago Stone in 1982:

Webb family home, Bradford On Avon - Jago Stone (1982)

The hi-res images that have now been gifted me include those from four separate American sources and I'll end this blog-post - Part One - with a story that I have already outlined in a Christmas 2018 post called: MORE AMERICAN LINKS - THE JENNY JANZEN COLLECTION. Here's the link to that post: Press here. Jenny has one of the largest collections of Jago's watercolours in the United States and we have been fortunate enough to be gifted images of fourteen of them. Four of these, I included in that Christmas 2018 post. Here is another:

Tysoe Fire Station, Warwickshire - Jago Stone (1976)

In Part Two, in a few days time, I will show you hi-res images of Jago's work from three other Americans.

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