Sunday 12 September 2021


 Last Saturday, 4 September 2021, I gave an account of how the British media were not running with the dramatic story of how this country is moving inexorably to ever more COVID-19 infections, with more of these cases being admitted into hospital, and more people dying from their coronavirus infections.

The British press media are not always doing the job they should

I repeated the story I had read in the 'i' newspaper the week before about how the man in 10 Downing Street had organised a cost benefit analysis for the present coronavirus situation and drawn the conclusion that he would need to start bringing back restrictions only when the daily death toll exceeded 137. I pointed out the 'i' had reported the daily death toll as 140 on Friday 27 August. I then decided to record and monitor these daily statistics in the 'i' newspaper. You can see my last two blogposts on this issue, using these links below - last week's contains the statistics for coronavirus cases, admissions to hospital, and deaths since the beginning of September.

Saturday 28 August 2021 

Saturday 4 September 2021 

The reality of admissions into hospital - over 1,000 British citizens were counted in as COVID-19 patients last Friday

This weekend, I am updating the statistics with the latest figures for the last six days. The trend in

hospital admissions and in deaths continues in the direction that I indicated last week. 

Here are the 'i' daily COVID-19 statistics for the last four days - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and today, Saturday:

                                                Cases                        Admissions                   Deaths

Wed 1 September            32,181 (+5,705)                901 (-42)                      50 (+2)

Thu 2 September             35,693 (+3,512)                842 (-74)                    207 (+157)

Fri 3 September               38,154 (+2,461)                848 (+1)                     178 (-29)

Sat 4 September              42,076 (+3,922)                 985 (+136)                 121 (-57) 

Sun 5 September     -    the 'i' is not published on a Sunday

Mon 6 September          37,011                           985                           68                        

Tue 7 September            41,192                           988                           45  

Wed 8 September           37,489                           905                          209   

Thu 9 September            38,975                           933                          191   

Fri 10 September           38,013                           863                           167

Sat 11 September           37,622                         1,063                          147

Sun 12 September     - the 'i' is not published on a Sunday

But I am not the only Jeremiah. The man in No 10 was very concerned to warn the people of this nation on Freedom Day (19 July 2021) - eight weeks ago - that we had all better be very careful even as he lifted all restrictions. He is still busy issuing his warnings. Today's 'i' front page headline (Saturday 11 September) reads:


Underneath, in what is termed an exclusive, we learn that in a Downing Street press conference next week, Boris Johnson will tell the British public that tighter measures could be imposed this autumn if people do not behave with caution - and that the PM also has a contingency plan to extend lockdown legislation, although No10 prefers guidance.

Let me offer a translation: 

"I know what I am doing. My planning is brilliant. Unfortunately, some of you are being naughty and not listening to me when I say be careful. Be it on your head, you oiks! When I say get back to normal or else the British economy will collapse, just do it - get back to normal. And when I say be careful or else - just do it - keep that social distance, keep wearing the masks, keep working from home, keep avoiding public transport if you can and crowded indoor spaces. Don't think about it - just do what I say. I have been born to lead. Look at my hair and just know that I am the business!"

My thanks to Gary Barker for this brilliant cartoon

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday 7 September, the 'i' had carried the story of how plans had been drawn up for a 'firebreak'  lockdown in October, over the half term (around the third week in the month). There is a sense of deja vue here. All this is reminiscent of what happened last year in the autumn when the man in No.10 failed to act when the statistics were indicating he must if he were to save lives and support the heroic efforts of the NHS - and over a month too late ordered an emergency lockdown.

He was responsible for the unnecessary deaths of British citizens then, and he is again now.   

This so-called leader does not know what to do. He is chaotic and clueless, guided only by calculations of his own interest and political survival. He does not care about the people of this land - they are important only as vote fodder at election time. Over 155,000 citizens have died in the UK as a result of his actions and inaction. In New Zealand, less than 30 citizens have died from the COVID-19 infection.    

The source of the COVID-19 infection - image used under licence from Getty Images

Another timeless and brilliant cartoon - my heartfelt thanks to the cartoonist who says it all 



  1. Many of us know how hard the NHS has been working to not be overwhelmed and to help as many patients as they possibly can for the last couple of years now. I don't think many politicians really understand exactly what they are expecting of those on the front line.

    Also it seem as if the less well off are being increasingly discriminated against, considering the policies materialising during the post war and longest lasting peace.
    As a nation we need to turn away from such unwarranted discrimination and instead move forward as an inclusive and a modern society, as was loosely promised on the steps of Downing Street in July 2019.

  2. Thanks for these wise words, Peter - I share your desire for 'an inclusive and a modern society'. I believe - and I have much supporting evidence - that that aspiration will never be realised under neoliberal Conservative government.