Saturday 4 September 2021


 I am waiting for today's Morning Star and 'i' newspapers to arrive through the letterbox. The 'i' publishes each day a small table, showing most prominently 'Vaccination Progress' in the UK population - 73% had had one jab and 64% had had both, as of yesterday. Then underneath there are COVID-19 daily figures. They used to get far more prominence and attention, attracting articles and opinion pieces analyzing their significance. 

Not any more.

There must be a conspiracy to conceal - the decision-makers within the media are being nudged or commanded by government not to focus on what is happening.  Why? So the people can enjoy their freedom and the wheels of the British economy can continue to turn. But this means throwing caution to the wind. It means the silencing of the Jeremiahs in the scientific community and wider who know what is happening but cannot find a media outlet to proclaim their warnings.  

The coronavirus and its variants - so far (thanks to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, for this image)  

Here are the 'i' daily COVID-19 statistics for the last four days - Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and today, Saturday:

                                                Cases                        Admissions                   Deaths

Wed 1 September            32,181 (+5,705)                901 (-42)                      50 (+2)

Thu 2 September             35,693 (+3,512)                842 (-74)                    207 (+157)

Fri 3 September               38,154 (+2,461)                848 (+1)                     178 (-29)

Sat 4 September              42,076 (+3,922)                 985 (+136)                 121 (-57) 

Time to remind you of part of the content of my last Jeremiah blogpost, published last Saturday



I learned that Boris Johnson has privately accepted that there will be at least a further 30,000 deaths in the UK over the next year and that he would only consider imposing further restrictions if that figure looked like it would rise above 50,000. 

It's worth remembering that we are already world-beating with a death toll of around 155,000 in the first fifteen months of this global pandemic. 

The government's cost-benefit analysis on Covid measures is believed to set not only the acceptable level of cost to save the life of a Covid patient at up to £30,000, but also how much each life lost costs the UK economy.

It is understood the analysis shows that the cost of keeping the annual death rate below 50,000 would outweigh the cost to the UK economy of allowing it to rise above this level. 

Those last two paragraphs are taken word for word from yesterday's newspaper report by David Parsley. I hope he can get his head around what this means - I think it signifies that the leadership in No 10 Downing Street is more than oven-ready for sectioning on mental health grounds. Over in New Zealand fifteen months ago, the PM Jacinda Ardern declared that it was 'unthinkable' to pursue a policy of herd immunity, implying that human life should never be sacrificed in the pursuit of profit.

The 'i' article by David Parsley quoted these words from a 'source':

'The Prime Minister is minded to implement another lockdown or new restrictions only if the figure of annual deaths looks like it's going to go above 50,000. That means deaths from Covid of 137 a day, or just under 1,000 a week'. 

Well, yesterday's death toll stood at 140, so we are already in the land of lockdown or new restrictions - and perhaps a return to sanity. But be sure, the man in No 10 will not act until it is way too late to prevent more unnecessary deaths."

I'm being creative ...


So we now know that Johnson and his cronies will intervene only when the daily death toll has reached around 140. That fact in itself is a story that deserves a blaze of publicity - and outrage. 

And we can also now see that the daily death rate is beginning to climb in excess of that figure of 140. Generalizing, deaths in hospital follow around two to three weeks after admission. Hospitalization occurs two to three weeks after infection. The case fatality rate from COVID-19 in the UK since January 2021 has been between 2 and 3 per cent. 

All this means that it is certain that with the case rate rising as it has been for over a month, and admissions into hospital likely to rise, the death rate will increase accordingly. 

We are already approaching if we are not already at the point when the alarm bells in No. 10 should be deafening.

Just a reminder of what the man in No. 10 was saying in February last year.  

Why is all this not a major news story in every media outlet in the country?


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