Saturday 24 July 2021


 Explore my blogposts over nearly two years and you will see I have been consistently nailing this man who masquerades as prime minister for what he is - a liar and a rogue who is now responsible for the unnecessary deaths of around 150,000 British citizens. Engels called such behaviour 'social murder'. 

Last year, the Leader of the Opposition, Keir Starmer, failed to rise to the occasion. He declined to call out the prime minister; he colluded in the policies that amounted to the pursuit of herd immunity without a vaccine. Eventually, Starmer's voice became critical but by then who was listening? And the critique was weak. 

This week, a Labour MP, Dawn Butler, called out the prime minister for what he is - a liar - but this you are not allowed to do in the House of Commons. She had to withdraw from the chamber for the day. Not a peep of support followed from her leader, Keir Starmer.

Dawn Butler speaking truth to power in the House of Commons last Thursday

But today, SKWAWKBOX revealed that Labour party members will receive a begging email from HQ in which the praise for Dawn Butler and the condemnation of Boris Johnson flows in full fashion. SKWAWKBOX holds the Labour Party in contempt for such hypocrisy. So do I. As you know from my

blogpost on Sunday 18 July, I have resigned along with over 100,000 others - press here to read the story.  

Here is the SKWAWKBOX article:


New post on SKWAWKBOX


Exclusive: Starmer silent on Butler’s brave ‘liar’ stand – until he tried to beg cash off the back of it


Head in the sand in public - but a begging email to members

Back-bench Labour MP Dawn Butler's strong stand on Boris Johnson's lies cost her being ejected from the Commons chamber for refusing to retract her perfectly accurate claim that Johnson is not only a liar but a repeat offender.

But party leader Keir Starmer promptly stuck his head in the sand (or somewhere requiring a little more contortion) and has not said a word in public about her courageous action to draw public attention to Johnson's habitual dishonesty over the pandemic and more.

Not a tweet, not a peep - unlike his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, who is still closer to leader of the opposition than his timid successor.

Until, that is, Starmer and his machine tried to beg cash from Labour members off the back of Butler's display of spine and integrity.

While Starmer stayed schtum in public, party members received emails begging for cash - specifically on the back of Butler's stand:

Dear ____________,

You might have seen what happened to Dawn Butler in the House of Commons this week, when she was thrown out of the Chamber for calling Boris Johnson a liar.

We want to be clear- Boris Johnson has a well-established, and well known, track record of being very economical with the truth. These are some of his greatest hits:

Sacked by the Times newspaper for making up quotes.

In 2004, Michael Howard sacked him after he lied about an affair.

Johnson said on live radio “£60m I saw was being spaffed up the wall on some investigation into historic child abuse”. His comments were a prominent news story at the time. He denies ever saying them.

His ‘Garden Bridge’ Project as Mayor of London cost over £43million of public money. He tried to blame the project on Sadiq Khan.

He has been pulled into a whole saga of sleaze surrounding multi million pound renovations to his Downing Street flat, and links to dubious Conservative donors.

“We’ve got a huge new Towns Fund which is going to be giving £3.6 billion altogether”. According to Channel 4's FactCheck, only £1.3 billion was new money, a fact that came from the government’s own press release.

When we knock on doors across the region, voters tell us that they do not trust Boris Johnson to tell the truth. They are right.

With a donation from you, we could launch a series of targeted digital adverts that show voters the real Boris Johnson. He is not the same as Prime Ministers of the past, who although we may not have supported, always treated the public fairly. He is a liar, he treats the British public with contempt and we need to be brave in calling him out.

Dawn Butler was right - I'll chip in

Thanks for your continued support

An excerpt from the unprincipled begging email

Skwawkbox view:

Labour's financial woes as a result of the hierarchy's war on members and their democracy is now well known, with the party laying off staff and only a month from bust.

But doesn't it just sum up the entire Starmer regime that they'll say nothing in public for fear of offending the Establishment and Tory voters - yet will sidle in on the back of Butler's name and courage to try to sponge cash from members.

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