Wednesday 20 February 2019


Here's my latest update on the training schedule. Monday is my long run day; today is Wednesday - so I am reporting on what happened two days ago and illustrating the story with photographs I took yesterday when I went back in the car, parking at convenient intervals, and photographing sections of the route.

Still around a half mile from the port itself - but manna for a runner's spirit 

 I ran continuously from Marazion to Penzance on the coastal footpath, along the promenade and down into Newlyn - and then up along the coastal road for a couple of miles into Mousehole, then

down into the port. That took 88 minutes at a 11.5 minute mile pace - a distance of just over 7 and a half miles.

Marazion harbour at low tide - and evidence of a thriving community 

Still running, I turned and retraced my steps and was approaching the massive railway hangar past Sainsbury's before I had to switch to speed-walking/running for the last two miles back into Marazion. 2 hours and 29 minutes of continuous running - a couple of hundred yards short of the half-marathon, I reckon - and a total distance covered of 15 miles in 2 hours 56 minutes by the time I got back to my Fiat Panda in Marazion car park. Looking good for London!

A view of that massive railway hangar in which GWR trains are housed, glimpsed (with the help of a zoom lens) through the hedgerow, across the bay, on the way back from Mousehole - heading down into Newlyn.

More images and commentary follow. My interest and thoughts were set alight as I ran through Newlyn and again in Mousehole itself. And that two mile stretch between the two ports offers such striking vistas as you can see.

Mousehole is defined by JCBs, workmen and closed roads at present. Back in May 2018, South West Water workmen discovered a section of badly damaged sewer piping in the grounds of the Old Coastguard Hotel in Mousehole.

The trench for the pipe - under construction

The Old Coastguard Hotel - Tuesday February 19, 2019 - February half-term in Mousehole

With half-term approaching, within a local economy dependent on tourism, it was vital to issue reassurances that it was business as usual. An emergency overland pipe for sewerage was laid. Now in 2019, the imperative is to install a new subterranean piping system for the sewerage of Mousehole.

Access into and out of Mousehole is controlled by traffic lights - the installation of the new piping system will take from January to April, 2019

I loved the friendliness of everyone I spoke to, both in Mousehole and Newlyn, about their work - people are by and large so warm and interesting.

Running through Newlyn is not for the most part a pretty experience but it is invigorating. This is a port that still has a very important fishing industry - more on that in another post very soon. For now, some images from a couple of fish wholesalers with retail frontage on the harbour road that I run along.

The main harbour road I run along through Newlyn heading out towards Mousehole - this is a Stevenson's van outside their fish premises

The guys at these two premises let me take these photographs and showed a genuine interest in what I was doing. I really appreciate that support.

Stevenson - Newlyn  - a very warm invitation inside to talk and photograph

Trelawney Fish and Deli - another very warm invitation inside to talk and photograph

Trolleying the fish from the van into the shop with a smile

Here's the first taste of hill-work to overcome, running from Newlyn to Mousehole. This hill faces you at the end of the harbour stretch that is so defined by the local fishing industry.

Note the runner on the right - my route is always on the left 

 But remember this route has been chosen because it is as flat as you can get in Cornwall. To close, here's the view I have on my return journey as I near the end of the promenade and look ahead to the curve of the bay that will take me to Marazion in about 40 minutes time.  

The promenade in Penzance - heading towards the Jubilee Pool 

I promised another post very soon with more detail about Newlyn and fish - keep an eye open! And if you would like to sponsor my charity run, I would be very grateful. It's an important cause - the campaign to help the victims of modern slavery - and here's a link to press.

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