Friday 7 December 2018


The first three posts in this series have given a revealing insight into Louise's exhibition in the Crypt Gallery in St Ives. In this final post, I want to share some of the reactions of those who visited the gallery during that week in mid-November.

Louise and I both remember that moment when, shortly after we had opened on the first day, Jason Calder popped in to have a look and exclaimed:

'Wow! We've never seen anything quite like this here before!'

That 'Wow!' set the tone for the week - thank you, Jason. (Jason is the co-founder of the remarkable Boathouse Theatre in St Ives - press this link here for more detail.)

'Hora by Night' (2016) is viewed by our guest, Dr Julia Bush (Photography by Leo Walker)

We had a book for visitors to record their reactions before leaving and by the end of the week forty-seven comments had appeared. Many were from visitors to St Ives. Some were from those resident in
St Ives or nearby. And some of the latter were fellow artists, such as:

Linda Crane - press this link here for more detail.

Linda wrote: 'Loved these beautiful wall hangings'.

Mary Fletcher - press this link here for more detail.

Mary wrote: 'These quilts look great in the big space - some have shapes which float & others are pinned down. Interesting to read about the experiences that motivate them.'

Linda Slade - press this link here for more detail.

Linda wrote: 'Interesting harmonic & colour & rhythm'

and Peter Hugo McClure - press this link here for more detail.

Peter wrote: Post ... Anni Albers [a reference to the Tate Modern exhibition of the work of the American textile artist, Anni Albers, in London - running from October 2018 to 27 January 2019] Congratulations for the colourful display. Women artists have been underrated …. '

'Bosna Quilts 1 - Stairway to Heaven' (2018) viewed by Leo's mother, Peggie Walker (Photography by Leo Walker)

Louise Donovan has entered the ranks of the artists of St Ives. Her first solo exhibition has been an outstanding success. Already the ideas are forming for the coming year - and the next exhibition.

Louise Donovan (on the left) talking with Larisa Walker (Leo's wife and co-photographer) and Peggie Walker (Photography by Leo Walker)

Here is a selection of other responses from the Comments book:

'Thank you for a moving exhibition expertly arranged. The personal insight into the creation of the works was much appreciated' - Stephen Vranch

'Very thought provoking and very interesting the way the abstract process works.' - J Sheppard

'Thank you so much for sharing. 'Waving not Drowning' was a favourite. A colourful and bright break from the wind.' - Davina and Pete from Truro

'Waving not Drowning' (2017)

'Lovely work - impressive in its conception and immaculate in its execution.' - D. Rogers

'Thanks from "Southern Comforters" quilt group, Wimbledon - loved the textures created by hand quilting and the colours' - Jan McClelland

'A gem of a collection and rekindled our interest in quilts as a means of expression.' - Denise and Stewart

'Really interesting work - made with integrity and creativity. A pleasure to share it today.' - B &M Crane

'Thank you so much for this exciting exhibition. Very touching - I am very moved by the piece called 'Grief'. It moved me to tears - it so explains the range of emotions. Thank you again.' - Wendy

'Grief' (2015) 

'Thanks - a very considered and original collection.' - G. Smith

'Beautiful - love the colours and boldness.' - Carol Hosking-Smith

'A wonderful show … Congratulations on achieving such an inspiring result! - Nancy

'My third visit to this wonderful exhibition, looking so 'complete' in a beautiful space and accompanied by a very informative catalogue. There is much for an 'expert' to admire, but I enjoyed it simply for the beauty of the colours, the subtlety of the varied stitching and the poignancy of the human experiences rendered into an art form I had never really encountered before. Thank you - and well done!' - x Julia 

Louise Donovan beside 'The March for the Alternative' (2011) - November 10, 2018 (Photography by Leo Walker)

All the exhibited pieces of textile art, together with their stories and inspiration, are in the Catalogue (30 pp) which you can buy direct from Louise's website for £10 plus £2.50 for p&p. To make the offer even more worthwhile, Louise is including her artist's autobiography 'Louise Donovan - Textile Artist - My Story (14 pp) with every copy of the Catalogue purchased.

Press here for the link.

Louise Donovan - Chora, Patmos - September 2018

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