Sunday 2 December 2018


I came across a letter from Jeremy Corbyn, writing as the Leader of the Opposition, yesterday evening as I delved into Koser Saeed's Spotlight webpage - always an interesting trawl, and on this occasion what I found is important enough to warrant wider circulation. Hence this blog-post. 

Jeremy Corbyn - PM-in-Waiting

Jeremy Corbyn regards the matters he raises in the letter to be important enough for him to make the 

letter public. As you read the contents, can you dispute that judgement?

The letter is focussed on the report of the UN Special Rapporteur, Professor Philip Alston. He highlights, as you have just read, child poverty as 'a social calamity and an economic disaster'. How soon before the last traces of this report disappear in a sea of avoidance and self-deception conjured up by the Conservatives who misgovern us? That depends. Those of us who are appalled by Professor Alston's findings can help keep his conclusions in the public eye.   

The contrast between the sound-bite politics of Theresa May and the passion for the welfare of the people shown by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party could not be clearer. Never forget, austerity was a political choice. It was not an economic necessity. On the contrary, all the evidence - across the world since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 - indicates that it was and is and always will be an economic necessity to avoid austerity as a policy of government.  

So much harm done to so many of our people - our fellow citizens - by so few people, who have exercised the levers of power to inflict that harm and now stand in denial. We need to speak truth to that power for as long as it remains in government - and do whatever we can to open people's eyes to the reasons for this social and political and economic malaise. 

A self-explanatory TUC poster from the time of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition (2010-15)

And now a cruder representation of the harm done:

His name is George Osborne - he was the Chancellor of the Exchequer; at present, he is editor of the Evening Standard as well as holding several other lucrative positions. 

We need to explain the solution: a socialism fit for the 21st century. 

Here, to conclude, is a link to my Jeremy Corbyn webpages and blogs: Press here.

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