Sunday 10 April 2022


 My latest book was published by Troubador/Matador on February 28, six weeks ago. The title is "Dying to Know - Running through a Pandemic". If you appreciated my first book - "The Road to Corbyn" (Matador, 2016) - you will relish this new book. Even if you did not, my latest literary venture is still a worthwhile read.

A copy can be ordered direct from the publishers using this link here. The book is priced at £9.99.

You can get a signed copy from me direct for £11.50, including postage and packing, using Paypal or bank transfer. My email is

Here is a taste of the contents - the image of the front cover:

This is my photograph from the summit of Little Trevalgan, 1.75 miles from our home in St Ives, looking towards the church of St. John's with part of my running circuit visible on the bottom-right.   

And here in this image of the front and back covers is a taste of what you will find inside its 150 pages. As I wrote the book, I had two readers - Jessica Raber in the USA and Ingrid Helmer in The Netherlands - who

followed my journey and helped me avoid literary mistakes. I also had a scientific advisor - Dr. Howard Pue - whose help was invaluable. Their thoughts on my book are summarized on this back cover. 

You will find other fuller reviews - eight so far, with two in the pipeline - on the Matador webpage for my book - using the same link as above (this link here).

Here is the publisher's Advance Information page:

At present, I am close to completing the first 10,000 words of my next literary venture which is focused on mining in Cornwall, with special reference to Camborne and the Basset mines. I am exploring the moral question: 'Does the pursuit of private profit for some ever justify ill-health and death for others'. As we edge ever nearer to global extinction as a species, it is a question that we should all be asking. 

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