Sunday 27 March 2022


 A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog which pointed out that another wave of coronavirus infections was gathering pace - and established that the man in No.10 was responsible. Through his actions towards the end of January when he declared that all restrictions were lifted and that life could go back to normal ('...but do take care'!), he was ensuring that the virus would get a fresh lease of life. More people would therefore become ill, more would be admitted into hospital, more would need ventilator support, more would die. 

And that is what has been happening in this mad month of March. Check out the figures for the first two weeks in my last blog post using the link here. Here are the figures for the last two weeks:

7-day average of daily new cases - Monday 14 March - 64,029

                                                      - Monday 21 March - 86,819

                                                       - Friday 25 March -  85,606

Daily admissions of patients with coronavirus - Monday 14 March - 1,353

                                                                            - Monday 21 March - 1,787

                                                                            - Friday 25 March  -  2,125

Numbers of patients with coronavirus in hospital - Monday 14 March - 11,944

                                                                                - Monday 21 March - 14,948

                                                                                - Friday 25 March - 17, 440

7-day average of daily deaths - Monday 14 March - 104

                                                - Monday 21 March - 112

                                                - Friday 25 March - 136

These figures are going to worsen in April. The terrible fact is that this was avoidable. So why did the

man in No.10 take a course of action that has led to these outcomes?

To save his own political career. 

The continuing exposure of his lies about the parties in No.10 Downing Street during lockdown had led to him being on the verge of being 'sacked' as PM, forced to resign his office. Tory MPs were gathering their forces to be rid of him after a vote of no-confidence. Boris Johnson's complete lifting of restrictions was a sop to the hard-core of neo-liberal Brexiteers within the Tory parliamentary party who had helped bring him to power in the first place. 'I am still your man!' was the clear message from the besieged PM.  

Thanks again to Gary Barker for this brilliant cartoon that captures the essence of the man responsible for our misgovernment.

Within weeks, Russia had invaded Ukraine - and Johnson was off the hook. 'Partygate' was forgotten. He need not have lifted the restrictions to save his own neck in the first place. A European war is now ensuring the pressure for him to resign has been eased. 

But please do remember that as each week passes and more people die from SARS-CoV-2 as a result of this criminal misgovernment, the UK closes in on the figure of 200,000 deaths from this virus. Last Tuesday, there were 186,094 deaths with the virus on the death certificate. 

SARS-CoV-2 - This Getty image is used under licence. How much intelligence do you need to work out that this is a killer virus?  

Here is a headline from yesterday's 'i' newspaper:


And here are the words of Dr Stephen Griffin, an associate professor in the school of medicine at the University of Leeds, as reported in the 'i':

"Blinding ourselves to this level of harm does not constitute living with a virus infection - quite the opposite. 

Public health has seemingly dropped dramatically off this Government's priorities, to the detriment of the UK population as a whole."

Almost 1million - The number of new Covid-19 infections recorded across the UK over the course of just one week (12-19 March)


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