Saturday 8 January 2022


 It really is very simple. This Johnson government is determined to put the pursuit of profit before the health of the nation. The lives of British citizens are being sacrificed on the altar of greed. Over 173,000 have ended their life journey prematurely. Millions will be suffering the effects of  Long Covid for who knows how long. 

Johnson and his cabinet - my thanks to Sky News for this image - qualification for membership of the cabinet club: toeing the line.

Yesterday's figures from the Office of National Statistics showed that the national 7-day average of new cases of Sars-CoV-2 had reached over 180,000. On 21 December last year, just before Christmas, the comparative figure for new cases was 90,629. Yes, Johnson's decisions meant you could have the

Christmas you were supposed to want - but at what cost? 

On that same day - 21 December 2021 - there were 847 admissions of COVID-19 patients into hospitals in the UK to join the 7,801 patients already there seriously ill with this coronavirus, including the 859 patients on mechanical ventilation many of whom will become death statistics in a matter of days. The deaths of 172 (7-day average: 115) British citizens were registered that day with COVID-19 on the certificate. Oh my God, this feels like industrial slaughter!

If you find these pre-Christmas figures disturbing, try making sense of these comparative figures issued yesterday at 4pm:

Admissions into hospital: 2,434;

Already in hospital seriously ill with COVID-19: 18,454;

On mechanical ventilation: 868;

Deaths: 229 (7-day average: 160).

Even the Minister for Health, Sajid Javid, acknowledges the NHS is in for a few rocky weeks. That seems to be ministerial code for more deaths and more long-term sickness and more staff on sick leave and the disintegration of our public health service. Never mind! We can sell what's left to the American mega private health companies. The chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, was over in the USA chatting to their CEOs a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a glimpse of the picture here in Cornwall:

That's 71 recorded cases in my neck of the woods - St Ives and Halsetown 


Jeremiah is keeping you up-to-date from what is fast becoming another front-line. 

May you stay safe in these sad and desperate times. 



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