Saturday 27 November 2021




If you really want to annoy the likes of John Mann, watch and share this video

Steve Walker - the founder of Skwawkbox

As Skwawkbox has written, an attempted attack on Skwawkbox and The Canary collapsed in chaos this week when an ‘academic’ report paid for by Mann that tried to those two publications with the extreme right – along with yet more supposed ‘evidence’ submitted by its authors – was rejected in full by IMPRESS, the UK’s independent and only Leveson-compliant press regulator.

The right and the Establishment would love to see the demise of new left media, so seeing them thrive will be the best revenge. If you’d like to annoy those who want to end the left, please watch and share this short video:

The links for those who wish to support and are able to do so without hardship are:

Skwawkbox thanks its readers for your continued solidarity and support.

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