Tuesday 2 November 2021


At the end of September, I thought it was time to take a break from my constant exposing of the UK government's failings in relation to the threat of the coronavirus. That time is over.

170,000 have died as a consequence of this man's self-belief

Here is an extract from my post published on Saturday 2 October:

  • We are now in the stage of virus 'management' where the question becomes 'What is an acceptable level of yearly excess death from this virus?' Johnson seems to have settled on a ceiling of 50,000 deaths per annum - see my earlier blogs, using this link here. Our present rate of deaths in hospital from COVID-19 have risen through September from a 7-day rolling average of 106 (1st September) to 135 (7 September) to 138 (14 September) to 144 (21 September) and are now down to 131 (28 September), under the 137 deaths a day which Johnson has decided is an 'acceptable' ceiling figure.

However, I did not cease my recording of the statistics that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) make public. These figures give me now at the beginning of November good reason to be even more

worried than I was around the mid-point of September. 

Remember what my blogpost on Saturday 4 September revealed, courtesy of an 'i' article the day before: 

The 'i' article by David Parsley quoted these words from a 'source':

'The Prime Minister is minded to implement another lockdown or new restrictions only if the figure of annual deaths looks like it's going to go above 50,000. That means deaths from Covid of 137 a day, or just under 1,000 a week'. 

Well, yesterday's death toll stood at 140, so we are already in the land of lockdown or new restrictions - and perhaps a return to sanity. But be sure, the man in No 10 will not act until it is way too late to prevent more unnecessary deaths."

I continue to find all this so appalling. 

COVID-19 has not gone away despite the so-called Freedom Day back in the summer (19 July 2021)

The words that follow I wrote nearly two months ago - and they are still needed. 

'That man in No.10, by his actions and inaction, stands responsible for the loss of around 155,000 (now 170,000) lives in this country. And future policies are being decided on the number of bodies being wheeled from the wards to hospital mortuaries, even as we are all encouraged to live life as normal. 

Listen to the scientists who are not caught up in the Establishment web. We can save lives now by making face masks mandatory, bringing back social distancing measures, and improving ventilation in schools and offices. But those measures will only happen when the death toll reaches the point that indicates the NHS hospital system is in meltdown - and probably several weeks after that point has been reached, as previously in this pandemic. 

My heart goes out to those in the NHS - the doctors, nurses, and all the other staff - who have been through these coronavirus crises before and still soldier on, exhausted, underpaid, and under-valued. Remember Tory politicians encouraging the nation to clap for the NHS - what a sick joke!'

COVID-19 has a fatality rate of between 2-3 per cent - we are still finding out about the effects of 'long covid'. 

Back in the last week of September, Johnson would have been breathing a sigh of relief. He knew that the figures for hospital admissions had started to fall a few weeks previously - and there is an obvious  link between the mortality rate and hospital admissions. He could be confident that there would be a continued decline in deaths from COVID over the first couple of weeks in October. And so there was. But just as predictably the figures started to worsen. The rise in the daily hospitalization figure has been more and more evident since mid-October - Tuesday 12 October: 754; Friday 15 October: 827; Saturday 16 October: 915; Sunday 31 October: 1090. There have been fluctuations but the trend is clear and alarming. 

Even more dramatic are the figures for those patients on ventilators, the last chance of survival for many - Tuesday 12 October: 780; Saturday 23 October: 892; Sunday 31 October: 962.

And the figures for deaths? The 7-day average figures have climbed from 115 deaths on Friday 1 October to 120 deaths on Friday 15 October. On Friday 22 October they stood at 135. And on Friday 29 October they had reached 152. Yesterday, the figure was 157. 

Remember, 137 was the ceiling that No.10 Downing Street deemed as acceptable, back at the beginning of September. No more than 50,000 deaths a year to add to the 170,000 so far since the pandemic was encouraged to take hold in this nation. The media know all this. Do you? There is a conspiracy of concealment here that beggars belief.  

What should the man in No.10 do, in these circumstances? Your starter for ten.



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