Labour leader's 'achievements' in his first 162 days

'Keir Starmer's record so far makes grim reading. So far, the Labour leader has:

• opposed Black Lives Matter protests
• opposed wealth taxes
• sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey on a pretext
• sent a letter 'in confidence and in private' promising to support Boris Johnson on schools
• opposed teaching unions trying to protect children and their members
• supported tougher treatment of benefit claimants
• rebuked two black women MPs for being on a zoom call and not spotting that another black person on a call of hundreds of people was considered undesirable by the Labour right, but:
• defended a right-wing MP who called for a statue for a notorious antisemite
• spent a six-figure sum on forensic computer specialists to hunt the leakers of a Labour report on racism and sabotage
• set up a 'diversity' review panel consisting entirely of white staff
• appointed the least diverse LOTO team in a decade
• sidelined Labour's most senior ethnic-minority staff member
• three times failed to discipline right-wing MPs for actual antisemitic tweets shortly after sacking Long-Bailey for sharing an accurate article
• refused to defend asylum seekers
• supported Johnson's haste to lift lockdown that has driven an early second wave
• forced general secretary Jennie Formby out after she kept working for the party while battling cancer
• sacked left-wingers from the Shadow Cabinet after campaigning for election on a promise of unity
• promoted racists and bullies
• run 'entirely factional' meetings of Labour's National Executive

All these are on top of a general failure to oppose Boris Johnson, instead resorting to telling him to do what he's doing but more efficiently, while Johnson condemns tens of thousands to death and tanks the UK economy.

There must be change.'