Tuesday 13 November 2018


Some of the material for this post was first published at the beginning of November in the Jago Stone monthly newsletter. I am, as ever, seeking to widen the circulation of news about the research into his life and the forthcoming biography.

'And as the publication trail got hotter, the American Connection links cooled - until the last few days. Here is the story of what has come my way from across the Pond through cyberspace in the shape of Facebook:

Three days ago, Carol Baker left these messages on my repost of 'Jago Stone - The American Connection - Part Seven' using the USAF veteran's webpage: RAF Upper Heyford Brats and Friends:
'From Washington look what I found on my mom's living room … We lived in England 74-78 in Sherington.'  Accompanying the text were these two images:

Banbury Cross, Oxfordshire - Jago Stone water-colour - 1978

How exciting to have two more images to add to the collection - and Jago paintings from 1978 have been thin on the ground. 

Cottages at Wroxton St Mary - Jago Stone water-colour - 1978

Yesterday, the commentary at the bottom of the reposted American Connection - Part Seven was further enriched by this message from Dianna DAiello:

'My dad has 2 pictures from Jago Stone, one has my name in it. He painted them in our living room. I remember that he was a very interesting man. I will send pictures to you today, I'm at my dad's now.'

And there they were. Two magnificent Jago Stone palette-knife paintings from 1976, the same year that Jago painted the palette-knife now in the collection of Keith and Joan Goodenough in Virginia - see my two palette-knife blog-posts on my website, using these links: 


As Jessica Raber, the American artist who appeared in a Jago painting aged 5, commented yesterday when she saw these images: 'Wow! Cool palette knife pieces!'

I am blown away by being gifted these images and seeing yet more of Jago at his 'post-prison expressionist best.

I obviously hope for more detail and stories and sharper images - but I am so grateful for what I have got - and the opportunity I now have to share this find with you, my Mailchimp readers.' 

And so the news is recycled to wider audiences still.  

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