Tuesday 19 September 2023


I admire Louise's talents as a textile artist. It is a joy to find that so many other people find her work stimulates thought and feeling.

We are very grateful that Marazion Quakers suggested that Louise consider mounting an exhibition in the Meeting House when they learned that the Crypt Gallery was no longer available for the planned exhibition in November this year. Louise and I had been Quaker attenders by Zoom since January 2022, moving to attendance in person in January of this year. We have our Quaker identity and the Quaker community is so welcoming. 

Louise - April 2021 - our back-garden

The sixteen pieces of textile art for the show were chosen in the Spring of this year. Five of the pieces had been exhibited before: 'Guantanamo' (NEC, Birmingham (2014 Judges' Award winner), and St Ives (2018 and 2021); 'When I am an Old Woman' (NEC, Birmingham (2019); 'Pyramids on Purple' (St Ives, 2021); 'Light Through a Mondrian Prism' (St Ives, 2021); and 'From Darkness into Light' (St Ives, 2018).

The remaining eleven pieces had all been completed between the ending of the 2021 Crypt Gallery, St Ives exhibition and the summer of this year - in around nineteen months. Together, the sixteen pieces created 'COLOUR ME PURPLE', the November 2023 Marazion exhibition. 

You can see 'Pyramids on Purple' - and the Meeting House in the foreground - and St Michael's Mount in the bay - on this cover

The catalogue that Louise and I created for this Marazion show is still available - each piece has its own page of Quaker-shaped commentary - please send an email with a donation to help us offset our printing costs and we will send you a copy. 

We did take a number of photos during the week - here's a selection with a commentary: 

Mike Berris hanging the first of the sixteen pieces: 'When I Am An Old Woman'  

This photo was taken on the afternoon of Sunday 3 September after morning Worship and features Mike Berris. Without Mike's know-how, the exhibition would never have been possible. He had the technical knowledge to ensure that all sixteen pieces were successfully hung in around three hours of labour as we looked on and helped as best we could. 

When Mike had completed the hanging, it was time for more photos:

Louise, the textile artist, pictured in the Marazion Meeting House, in front of her work 

Here, Louise is standing in front of the six pieces that were hung on the long wall opposite the window wall. During Worship, Louise and I sit on one of the the wooden benches that runs the length of this wall and look out towards the garden and beyond that to St Michael's Mount. 


A view of the Quaker Meeting House that gives you more sense of its plain simplicity and the power of this
'Colour Me Purple' exhibition  

Here, Louise is taking a photo of the six pieces featured above. You get a sense of the impact of the exhibition in this simple Quaker building that was erected in 1688, only forty-one years after George Fox's epiphany realization that the Spirit lies in all of us and can be reached through worship together in contemplative silence. Quakers believe we don't need priests or hierarchical churches to find the Light. 


Getting a good image of the window wall was tricky because of the light that floods in. This image below is the best I could do:

The pieces of Louise's textile art on the window wall

The Meeting House opens its doors to anyone who cares to visit on Mondays between 11am and 3pm. Elaine Jordan is a Marazion resident who lives close by and often drops in. On the Saturday, our last day of exhibiting, she brought in this wonderful Victorian piece of patchwork, further worked on in the 1940s, that you see in the image below. We as a species are the makers of things - some creative, others destructive. Let's celebrate our capacity to make wonderful art - and achieve peace.

Louise and Elaine sitting in front of the window wall, with the Meeting House library visible on the right - Elaine's patchwork piece, purchased from a Penzance antique shop some years ago, is draped over the benches that have been gathered together in a row down the centre of the room.

By way of conclusion to this blogpost, here are some of the reactions from those who viewed in person or who have seen the images in the catalogue or online:

Virtual viewers:

'Congratulations on assembling such a magnificent display of beautiful textile art!'
Howard Pue, Missouri, USA
'I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your quilts in the catalogue - they are beautiful! There's one that I particularly love (From Darkness into Light) that is truly a beautiful piece.'
Dianna Pue, Missouri, USA
'Congratulations on completing your triumphant exhibition, Louise! What a special gift you have to be able to inspire and uplift others. We do so wish we could have been there.'
Jessy Raber, Indiana, USA
'The titles, your inspiration and explanation about the stitch work really makes you have an even better look at each piece. 'A Quaker Christmas in 2022' and 'Guantanamo' become more beautiful and meaningful every time I see them.'
Ingrid Helmer, Dieden, The Netherlands
 'I really have to congratulate you on an incredible display of textiles with such imaginative shapes, juxtapositions and colours.'
Samuel Marsden, St Ives, Cornwall, England
'While I am sure that the vibrancy of the work comes out even more clearly in the exhibition itself, the catalogue illustrated beautifully the theme of light, together with the associated use of purple and lace - and of course the Jenny Joseph poem.' 
John Reid, Nova Scotia, Canada

Viewers in person:

'Wonderful work Louise, thanks for such a gift'
Tony and Jenny Fell, Hellidon, England
'Lovely quilts & a lovely calm atmosphere. Thank you.'
Diane Dench, Dartmoor, England
'Beautiful, intriguing work - so much to admire and to think about - the perfect space for your Light to shine. Thank you.'
Julia Bush, Bristol, England
'Twenty minutes of very good feeling. Thank you.'
Ron Watkins, Bull Creek, Western Australia
'The Meeting Room feels totally uplifted & adorned! Beautiful, beautiful work.'
Helena Pooley, Porthtowan, England 
'Love the textile wall hangings. Love the stories behind them & and using art to let it speak about important events, feelings & crises.'
Mary Wigzell, England
'Found the Guantanamo piece very evocative. Thank you.'
Susan Barrett, British Columbia, Canada
'Lovely to see these.'
Mary Fletcher, St Ives, Cornwall, England
'Wonderful exhibition in such peaceful surroundings'.  
Henry & Jane Kendal, Marlow, Bucks, England
'Inspirational pieces, beautiful work.'
Gaye Dopson, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England

Louise has already begun to have the first inklings of her new creative path - six new pieces are already being planned around the idea of minimalism. The next exhibition for Louise will hopefully be in 2025 - and she will be asking her Quaker community for permission to use the Marazion Meeting House again.   


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