Sunday 20 February 2022


 I have been playing the role of a Jeremiah in my blogposts ever since the COVID pandemic was allowed to gain such a hold in this country through the inactions and actions of the man in No.10 and his special advisor. For as long as Johnson remains the prime minister, I shall be Jeremiah. Johnson's narcissism renders his actions on the pandemic toxic. He has consistently followed a pattern of doing too little, too late which explains why the UK death toll now stands at 181,424. Officially, the UK death toll is around 20,000 less but that was an accounting sleight of hand that Johnson and Cummings orchestrated at No.10 in 2020 to make the figures less appalling. 

In the thick of it - Johnson and Cummings, architects of 'social murder'. 

Here's a headline form the Independent online on 6 June 2020:

'With the second highest death toll from the Covid-19 coronavirus in the world, reports this week claimed that the UK had more daily deaths than the whole of the EU combined on a recent day, despite its population being just one seventh of the size.'

Please don't forget just what a world-beating nation we became - and we are still up there with the nations clocking up the most deaths per 1 million of population. These figures below are taken straight from the web today and note well that the

figure for UK deaths used in these comparisons is the official figure which is 20,000 lower than the actual figure:


USA                        2,870

Brazil                     2,995

France                    2,085 

UK                          2,345

Italy                        2,536

Spain                      2,095

Argentina               2,729

Poland                    2,907 

Recalculate the UK death rate per head of population with a truer figure of over 180,000 and we are still there in the premier mortality league, despite the success of the UK vaccination programme. And that achievement belongs not to the man who is claiming the credit but to the infrastructure of our NHS, the socialist creation of the Labour government in 1948.

An image from a leaflet we circulated in 2017 when the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn was proud to identify with Nye Bevan and the achievements of a socialist government  

Read back over my blogs and you will discover that at the beginning of September, 2021, the word from No.10 Downing Street (as leaked in the mainstream media) was that Johnson had fixed a ceiling of 137 deaths a day as the acceptable limit. No more than 50,000 deaths a year to add to the 170,000 or so since the start of the pandemic. The NHS hospital system would not be able to cope with more; people might start protesting.

Well the 7-day daily average for deaths from COVID in the UK stood at 130 on January 1. By the end of January it was 263. In February it has fallen steadily to 144 today. We are still today 7 deaths in excess of what was deemed acceptable five and a half months ago. 

And the mainstream media and the politicians are silent about this grave loss of lives in our nation. 

How many deaths per day do you think are acceptable?

There is also silence about the identity of these dead souls. There was no such gagging order at the time of the first wave; we got to know that the people who were dying were those on the front-line: key workers, doctors, nurses - and the elderly in their tens of thousands as the virus was fed directly into care homes. We knew that members of the BAME community were becoming sick and dying in disproportionate numbers. We knew that living in overcrowded rented accommodation was a key factor in the spread of the disease and the deaths that followed.

But now not a word on these matters. Have you read or heard anything? 

Johnson and the people he has appointed as ministers are committed to an ideology that prioritizes the pursuit of profit over the health and lives of the masses. That is why they are declaring that the virus is, in effect, defeated. We are going back to normal. The war is over ('more or less' follows as a whisper you are not meant to heed).     

The killer virus - SARS-CoV-2.

Let's please start talking about what is an 'acceptable' number of deaths per day. That's an important starter.

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