Saturday 11 December 2021


 In this final part of the three-part series, I want to focus on the pieces of textile art in the exhibition that were produced between December 2018 and January 2020 - Louise's creative work between the ending of her first exhibition at the Crypt (November 2018) and the arrival of the coronavirus (February 2020).

Press this link here for access to the first part in the series.

And press the link here for access to the second part.

Louise Donovan in Hora, Patmos - 2018 

There were seven works in the show that were completed in these thirteen months. Here they are, in no particular order: 

                                                          TRIBUTE TO MONDRIAN


One of the works in Louise's Crypt exhibition in 2018 was 'My Mondrian Moment'. Louise was first introduced to the work of Mondrian in a serious way back in 2010 when Louise made the long

journey from the harbour town of Southwold in Suffolk where we then lived to attend another course at the St Ives School of Painting.  

                                                     TRIBUTE TO BOBBY WOTNOT

Bobby Wotnot is also known as Pete Giles, the St Ives artist - our neighbour and friend. He saw this piece shortly after Louise had completed it when he and his artist partner, Zoe Eaton, were guests at a party in our house. They also saw their own work hanging in our gallery space - Louise's design mirrors one of Pete's recurring themes. 

                                                     THREE PYRAMIDS IN PURPLE

Some ideas just happen - like this one. Purple is a favourite colour for Louise.

                                                       THREE PYRAMIDS IN BLUE

The idea is repeated - in blue.

                                             BEDSPREAD - MULTICOLOURED MAZE

Free flow time - free-style piecing and see where the inspirations take you - just as the late Roy Ray, the wonderful St Ives artist and teacher, advised Louise. 


Again, follow the instincts - the colours and forms will take care of themselves.

                                                   SUNLIGHT THROUGH BARS

I love this piece - and I am not the only one. Here are the thoughts of Stephen Balogh, a friend and visitor to the show:

"Of the pieces shown, my favourite is 'Sunlight through Bars'. The stitching in the border sections carries a constantly varying rhythmic quality that is mildly unsettling, bringing the viewer to focus more on the central feature of the coloured strips that are at the same time more vibrant but reassuringly regular. The effect on me is much as from an Orthodox icon that over time draws the viewer into a dynamic relationship with the textile, a journey towards the sunlight. All of the pieces here create relationship; the 'Sunlight through Bars' piece had the greatest effect on me that I will carry beyond this room. Thank you, Louise!" 

I hope you have found this virtual journey through the exhibition worthwhile. If you would like another way to experience the show, press this link for a video of the show.


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