Monday 2 August 2021


 If you're reading this, you are likely to have also read some at least of my previous accounts of the UK's deadly mishandling of this war on the coronavirus. Press here for the first of such blogposts that referenced my role as a contemporary prophet, a Jeremiah Mark2.

A Hebrew prophet imagined - perhaps Jeremiah

Reading yesterday's 'i' newspaper prompted me to compose this blogpost. The 'i''s science correspondent, Tom Bawden, had three articles printed in the newspaper - and their content rings the alarm bells for me.

On p.10, Bawden's piece carries the headline: 'UK 'at increased risk' of vaccine-resistant variant developing' and it references the work of researchers at the Institute of Science in Austria who are claiming that the lifting of all lockdown restrictions, including the use of face masks and social distancing, on so-called 'Freedom Day' on 19 July has put the UK at an "elevated risk" of a new variant. The Austrian researchers further point out that other measures to help curb transmissions and jab-evading variants should include:

  • increased and widespread testing;
  • rigorous contact tracing;
  • high rates of medical sequencing to obtain genetic information;
  • and travel restrictions 

Thanks to for this timely cartoon reminder that Freedom Day is increasingly looking like an only too predictable sick joke

Well, the performance of the UK misgovernment in testing and tracing, and travel restrictions has been lamentable and directly contributed to our death toll of 152,000 and more. The Austrian study found that even people who have been double-jabbed should wear masks because they can still potentially become infected by an existing variant - and if they are stricken by a new jab-resistant strain, a mask would reduce the risk of them passing that on. 

The Austrian team used computer modeling to estimate the conditions when a resistant strain is most likely to emerge. They concluded that those optimal conditions are when 60 per cent of the population has been fully vaccinated. At that level of double-dose vaccination, there are still a lot of unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people around to incubate new variants - and once a new jab-evading strain has developed it will have a significant competitive advantage over other variants and will spread rapidly across all the population, including those who have only been double-jabbed against the old strains. 

My thanks to for this piece of sporting brilliance with political import

OMG, as they say these days. and wait for it - what are the vaccination percentage figures for the UK? Tom Bawden says that 'as of yesterday, 70 per cent of the UK population had received one vaccine dose, with 56.6 per cent double jabbed'. We are at near optimum risk.

The story I am weaving now gets even more interesting. Yesterday and this morning I saw and read news stories that carried the line that 73% of our population had now been double-jabbed. What, then, is the true figure? If you check out the GOV.UK site (that seems to be using Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures, you will find that 88.5% have had their first dose and 72.7 per cent have had their second dose - but dig down deeper and you find that these are the figures given for England. In Wales and N. Ireland the figure is 67.5% and in Scotland it is 61.2%. To say I am suspicious of how vaccination statistics are being used is an under-statement. Remember, the official statistic for Covid deaths is being presented as in the high 120,000s whereas the actual figure for Covid deaths recorded on death certificates is in the low 150,000s  This UK misgovernment is headed by a serial liar. I am inclined to believe in the veracity of Tom Bawden's statistics - and will endeavour to make contact with him to get more clarification.   

My thanks to for this prophetic piece of cartoon magic


On p.13, Tom Bawden has two pieces. The first is headed: 'Delta variant 'spreads more easily than chickenpox'' and is a report on a leak from a US's Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) document. The case is that the vaccines that are now being used are not nearly as effective at preventing transmission of the Delta variant as once they were with limiting the spread of older strains. the Delta variant arrived in the UK in March and very quickly became the dominant variant accounting for nearly all new cases. Each person infected with the Delta variant can, on average, end up spreading the virus to eight or nine others, making it as transmissible as chickenpox, according to these American findings.

The US document goes on to say that the CDC should recommend universal mask use since people who are fully vaccinated can spread the Delta variant at a rate similar to their unvaccinated counterparts. It added that vaccinations are still very worthwhile since they significantly reduce the risk of getting an infection - and substantially reduce the chances of serious illness or death if infected. In the light of these new findings, students, staff and visitors in schools should wear masks at all times. 

Another touch of telling magic from - how can these politicians prize the pursuit of profit over our lives, even when their economic goals are so obviously not going to be achieved?  

The second is headlined: 'Virus still spread in small town where most people vaccinated' and is an account of an unnamed small town in Massachusetts that on 3 July reported a 14-day average of no COVID cases and a fortnight later reported a 14-day average of 177 cases per 100,000 residents. The Delta-variant had arrived in town, thanks to summer events and large public gatherings that attracted thousands of people. Professor Paul Hunter of UEA and a WHO adviser commented: 'If vaccinated people are almost as contagious as the unvaccinated then it does raise all sorts of issues about how we're going to come out of this'.

You bet it does. This Jeremiah blogpost has been written and published as an alert for all readers. Stay safe - keep masked - keep your distance - and be on the lookout for lies from this misgovernment we are suffering.   


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