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 Peter Stefanovic is an Australian lawyer, journalist, and film-maker who has created this journalistic masterpiece that has now had 10.7 million views - and yet received no mention on mainstream media. BBC News, ITV News, Channel 4 News, and Sky News have not said a single word about it. Peter's message is: 'Please help me send it to 12 million this weekend and shame them into reporting it.'

In May 2020, I published a series of blogposts that tried to get inside BJ's mind - to understand the flaws of 

this man who has become the British prime-minister. Here is an extract from the first of these blogs:  

I've set myself a bit of a challenge here. I intend to produce a series of blogposts all under the title: THE ART OF LOVING (ERICH FROMM) - AND THE DARK BEAST OF BREXIT (BORIS JOHNSON). This post is Part One in the series.  I don't yet know how many there will be in the series; I'll try to write one a week so perhaps there will be four, making the production a venture for the month of May.

The first part of each blogpost will be an insight into the wisdom of Erich Fromm; the second part will be a recirculation of facts about the life of the current prime-minister of the UK, Boris Johnson. My aim is to set up a creative tension between the psychotherapeutic verities of one of the great minds of the 20th century and the biographical details of a disturbingly damaged and harmful man whose ruthless ambition has helped take him to the top of the greasy pole of political power.

Detail from the image on the front cover of 'Boris Johnson: The Beast of Brexit: A Study in Depravity' by Heathcote Williams (2016)


And here is an extract from the second blog:

And so from the sublime - to the darker world of the UK prime-minister. The fact-fest continues: 

  •  Johnson has admitted that he employs self-deprecation as a manipulative ploy, to disarm his potential enemies. In an interview with the American TV channel CNBC he declared: 'Self-depreciation is a very cunning device ....all about understanding that basically people regard politicians as a bunch of shysters, so you've got to be understood .... that's what it's all about, I suppose.' Lying behind the muddled facade is a ruthless and often cruel ambition together with an elitism and a ferocious temper when challenged. Johnson is a man who values himself much more highly than he does the nation or the nation's interest.   
  • Johnson is no 'national treasure' as portrayed by his Tory right-wing allies who campaigned to lever him into No.10 Downing Street. He has his own measure of nastiness, a characteristic that has further justified the nickname of 'Nasty Party' for the Conservatives. 
  • Visiting Uganda, Johnson cheerily said to UN workers and their black driver: 'Right, let's go and look at some more piccaninnies' - a racist word previously used by Enoch Powell in his infamous 'rivers of blood' speech against immigration. He has likened Chinese workers to 'puffing coolies'. He has even favoured a return to colonial rule for Africa: 'The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more'. 
  • Johnson has derided renewable energy and he's opposed the Kyoto treaty on climate change. 
  • He supported the homophobic Section 28 and he once compared civil partnerships to 'three men and a dog' getting married.

Taking out a kid - the sportsman at work

So what if he's smaller and a kid! I won, fair and square! I'm Boris.


Here are the links to all four blogposts:

Part One:

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We need to understand the threat - this man is dangerous. 


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