Saturday 27 August 2016


I first took statistical stock in June, two months ago. Now I return to the counting beads and draw some fresh conclusions.

I am delighted to report a turn-around in the fortunes of the political blogs. In June, I wrote 'the explicit political blogs are very much at the bottom of  the viewing charts'. No longer so. I have produced five political blogs over these last eight weeks, the first being 'Jeremy Corbyn -  the People's Champion - AKA the Political and Media Elite's Nightmare'. That blog now stands at 43 views. My second - 'Labour leadership contest becomes 2020 Election campaign ' - has reached 56 views. And then I tried an experiment and blogged on three consecutive days to communicate all ten of Jeremy Corbyn's pledges for the 2020 Election campaign that he has flagged up in his present leadership contest with Owen 'the Opportunist' Smith. Part 1 stands at 42 views; Part 2 at 43 and Part 3 at 35.

My own news about the publication of  'The Road to Corbyn' and the economics of self-publishing - my last blog - now has 35 views too.

Penzance demo - April 2016 - political activism in Cornwall

My only other blog during these two months has been a running blog entitled 'Running to rediscover the portals of Oxford' and that has pulled in a respectable 44 views.

And what of the others that had already been published? Do any of those still pull in the viewers?

Here are some stats:

Jago Stone - Part 2 was at the top of the charts with 183 in June. It's still there in August and now has 216 views to its name.

Rough Sex in St Ives was at no.2 in June with 98. It's still there and has now had 103 views.

Running to find the Zone - part 2 was at no.3 in June with 70 views. It's dropped to no.4 with 72 views now and been replaced at no.3 by 'Jago Stone - Part 3 - a weekend with Merlin Porter' which has pulled in 83 views.

Audience figures with respect to locations during these two months have been particularly intriguing. I suddenly began to pick up views from Russia and these continued regularly for about a fortnight. I

Merlin Porter's view of my Oxford college, St Catz - 2016. Merlin is a son of Jago Stone (see my website)

have now had a total of 105 views from the Russian federation.

And for the last two weeks or so, I have had most of my viewings from a country that had barely featured before in my stats - our neighbour, France. The total of viewings from France at present now stands at 200, beaten only by the USA at 561 and the UK at 1436.

Je ne comprends pas.


Well I do now. Shortly after bringing this draft blog to a conclusion with my French sentence, I was chatting with my web designer, Steve McIntosh, about the intriguing statistics for the French connection and the surge in viewing figures. He couldn't come up with an explanation either. Until he did what I had not thought of doing. He pressed the address bar for the URL that underpinned my blog's wonderful new popularity with the French, despite Brexit.

And what was revealed?

A pornography site.

My blog has attracted a parasitical concoction of the sex industry.

Maintenant, je comprends.

I await a response from Google to my feedback explaining my problem.


This will be the last blog for the best part of three weeks - our Greek holiday is around the corner.



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