Monday, 3 August 2020


Time for an update on the distressing story of just how bad our misgovernment has become.

First, in case you have missed it, a chance to hear the incoherence and intellectual meltdown of a minister of state in this government of toadies, cobbled together by Johnson and Cummings. My thanks as ever to SKWAWKBOX:

According to Hancock:
  • there has to be a border to the lockdown areas, but the virus doesn't care about borders
  • the virus spreads in gardens but not in parks
  • homes are a dangerous source of viral spread, but indoor workplaces are ok
  • travel outside the lockdown zones is ok, but it's also not ok
  • the government's law on lockdown and its guidance on lockdown say different things, yet Hancock uses them interchangeably - but it's all 'really clear'
  • you can go to the pub where strangers are sitting, but not with friends or family from a different home
This is not satire. Listen for yourself.

And again, in case you missed it, here's another example of how the BBC becomes ever more exposed as an establishment prop, beholden to those in power. They did at

Saturday, 1 August 2020


I sent out my Mailchimp newsletter for July a week ago and 40 of my sixty-five subscribers opened - that's only slightly below the average. In case you missed it - and for those who are not subscribers - here are the contents again:

This MailChimp newsletter is an opportunity for me to show you the latest images of Jago Stone watercolours that have come my way through cyberspace - and to tell you about what I am now writing.

First, news of the latest Jago painting to arrive on my screen. It came in a Facebook message from Christine EH, on July 13 or 14 depending on which side of the Pond you were:

'Hi Rob. I have one of Jago Stone's watercolors. We were an American military family stationed at Upper Heyford in the 1970s. When I was six years old I answered a knock at the door (Bell Cottage, Ledwell, Oxon), and Jago Stone introduced himself and asked if he could paint our house and if I could ask my parents to come speak with him.'

I replied: '
Wonderful way to start the day! Thank you so much for this image and the story. I will create a blogpost around it very soon'

There were some issues of clarity in the image; I could not read some of the inscriptions.

So Christine sent me this improved image of the family home and explained that the family name was Hurd and that Jago had misspelled it as Hurde on the painting. 

Bell Cottage, Ledwell, Oxfordshire - Jago Stone (1975)

Thank you, Christine, for gifting this fine Jago watercolour.

My thanks also to Mark A. Donohoe who had sent me an image in late June from the collection of his brother Chris. Mark features in my biography of Jago so it's worth looking there for the rest of the story but here is the tale about Hanwell Castle as told by Mark in